Earlier today, Tivus announced the development of an advanced, Internet-based in-room video-on-demand (VOD) system. The system enables hotel customers to select and control the available content and provide family-friendly guest entertainment. More importantly, according to CEO Shiva Prakash, Tivus is in advanced discussions with Marriott International to deploy their HD Internet-based in-room video-on-demand (VOD) systems.

Mr. Prakash stated, “In light of Marriott’s recent decision to discontinue access to adult movies in its hotels, it is important to note Tivus’ HD Internet-based video-on-demand (VOD) system empowers our hotel customers to perfectly tailor the entertainment content to best suit the Hotel Brand experience and their guests’ tastes and needs.”

Utilizing a unique business model, the company offers hotels the advantage of generating additional income through advertising revenue, creating a significant new revenue stream. Furthermore, through Tivus’ property branded and guest-friendly menus, guests can access free-to-guest programming, review their room folio, order hotel amenities, stream the latest Hollywood movies, enjoy video gaming, and explore local attractions.

Prakash added, “Since many of today’s guests frequently travel with personal business and entertainment electronics, Tivus’ HD IPTV system allows easy connection to all of them in one convenient and guest accessible interface.”

“Early 2011 has already seen considerable progress. As we currently plan with Marriott to deploy our family-friendly in-room entertainment technology, installation of our Doubletree property in Omaha is on track for completion in the coming months and Tivus’ sales and installation teams are performing well as they bring Tivus’ revenue sharing HD IPTV to the world’s hotels,” Prakash concluded.