Attunity Ltd., a leading provider of software for real-time data integration and event capture applications, announced that TMG Construction, a design build and general contract service corporation in Virginia, USA, has implemented Attunity’s real time event data capture, or EDC software, for the delivery of information needed to track operational metrics and to create reports needed to improve efficiency and meet corporate objectives.

“From a top-level perspective to daily operations, we needed a full picture of our business’ performance, which would help us track our target margin, as well as gauge the work-in-progress schedule, analyze sales stats, earned revenue, and backlog,” explained Chris Worth, Director of Business Information Systems and a member of TMG’s executive management committee. “To meet these requirements, metrics need to be calculated as soon as data changes in our key business systems, making real-time information available in our data warehouse so it can be presented in dashboards and reports. By implementing Attunity Stream, we were able to deliver the real-time information needed quickly and with significant cost savings. This information is now used by our senior managers, the accounting team and project managers to improve productivity and internal responsiveness during the planning and active stages of a construction job, and it also enables us to be more efficient from a time, resources and cost perspective.”

The biggest obstacle facing the IT organization at TMG was their accounting software, which made it completely impossible to extract new data and integrate it with other business information in an efficient and timely fashion. In result, extraction of any information was done manually, which consumed time and required many labor hours. To remove the barrier, TMG implemented Attunity Stream’s EDC software in order to capture data changes in their business database and to deliver change events from real-time into a Java Messaging System (JMS). This gave benefit to TMG from its existing infrastructure and expertise to quickly bring upon a solution with a significant amount of savings.

“TMG is a great example of a company that harnesses information technology to achieve competitive advantage, and it is impressive to see how quickly they were able to do so by leveraging Attunity Stream,” said Mel Passarelli, Vice President and General Manager for North America at Attunity. “We are confident that TMG will continue to reap the business benefits of real-time information and look forward to continuing to work with them and other companies with similar objectives and challenges.”

TMG Construction Corporation, which was founded in 1992, is an institutional and commercial building contractor, which specializes in Indifinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracting. TMG offers a wide range of Engineering, Construction, and Architectural services that are targeted at a carefully chosen array of markets and projects. TMG Construction also provides Design-Build and General contracting services that have a main focus on institutional and commercial construction and various renovation projects. The company is headquartered in Virginia, USA.

Attunity Ltd. provides software for real-time data integration and event capture applications around the world. Its software solutions incorporates and simplifies cross-system access for applications and projects, such as data warehousing, business intelligence, application synchronization, legacy migration, and event processing. The company has strategic relationships with Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, GE Healthcare, and other software vendors.

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