Images expressing "Pretty Little Liars" viewers' surprise at Toby, who is played by Keegan Allen, being "A" are going viral on Twitter. "PLL" fans could barely believe their eyes when they found out that Toby was the one who was cloaked in the black hoodie working side by side with Mona on team "A."

"PLL" producers tried to fool viewers into believing that Paige was on the team, but in the end it was Toby.

In the last moment of the finale, after Nate had been fatally stabbed by Emily and Caleb was brutally shot, fans almost couldn't contain themselves. Most had their mouths opened and covered in disbelief.

They thought those were the "mind-blowing" twists the producers were talking about, but the most unbelievable twist of the night came when Toby whipped out the voice changer and invited all four "Pretty Little Liars" to a Halloween bash which is set to premiere on ABC Family on Oct. 23.

Pictures that displayed how shocked fans were when it was revealed that Toby was on the "A" team soon began to go viral.

A full day after the episode aired, it's all anyone can talk about.

@LuisaJedward tweeted, "Pretty Little Liars is amazing. I was so surprised. Toby is "A". I never thought that!"

@itsanandayall wrote, "Welcome to the -A Team aff toby."

@Courtney_Abbey posted, "Still can't believe last nights episode of #PLL why Toby ? Forget Spencer why would you do this to me? And telling Spencer he loved as well?"

@juliustheceasar shred, "Do you guys remember when "A" was at the cafe and the lady said "hey pretty eyes" WHY DIDNT I THINK OF TOBY?!"

@ItsHibaWk tweeted, "Omg people are always talking about Toby and it has been a TT the whole day!! #PLL"

Were you shocked when you found out that Toby was on the "A" team?