Todays Alternative Energy Corporation recently announced plans to open a production facility. This new facility will manufacture a new line of industrial strength, environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products for consumers.

The Company will manufacture cleaning products in the production facility using their own scientific formulas. These formulas combine only natural ingredients. In addition, they contain no ammonia, phosphates, dyes, artificial scents or toxins. The formulation of the products is to safely and naturally remove oil and grease.

Todays Alternative Energy Corporation will launch the new line by offering a suite of household cleaners. They also have plans to extend the line by introducing new products for the commercial and industrial cleaning supplies markets.

The Company will locate the production facility in San Antonio, Texas. This is to take advantage of the city’s business friendly low operating cost environment, its prime location for distributing the Company’s cleaning products to retailers nationwide and its proximity to a highly skilled workforce.

Todays Alternative Energy Corporation is now reviewing and negotiating production facility proposals submitted by the final candidates. They expect to reach an agreement and start building out the facility in July 2010.

Mr. David Bennett, Todays Alternative Energy Corporation (TAEC) Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are excited to announce plans to open TAEC’s new production facility that will manufacture our line of powerful scientifically formulated green cleaning products. San Antonio is a community that is creating a green city, which mirrors our mission to provide consumers with potent eco-friendly biodegradable home cleansers. We look forward to starting production and launching sales to take advantage of growing consumer demand for green household cleaners.”

Headquartered in Estero, Florida, Todays Alternative Energy Corporation operates a biodiesel division that intends to use extraction technology to convert waste cooking oil and grease into a biodiesel fuel ingredient sold to biodiesel fuel producers. The design of their business is to eliminate environmental issues associated with disposing of waste cooking oil and grease. The Company also operates a cleaning division. This division will manufacture and sell a new line of industrial strength environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaning products. These products will contain natural non-toxic ingredients made more powerful by the Company’s own scientific formulations.

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