Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger who gave a speech conceding Wisconsin's recall election to Republican Gov. Scott Walker, was slapped in the face by an apparently dissatisfied woman.

The assault came as Barrett was making his way through the crowd Tuesday night after the concession speech, which upset a female supporter.

WISN-TV reporter Terry Sater said in his account of the attack that the woman was apparently upset that Barrett called the Republican governor while there were still voters in the building trying to cast their ballots.

According to Sater, after the speech, the woman approached Barrett in the crowd and asked if she could slap him, and Barrett replied, I'd rather you hug me.

She was upset about him giving the concession speech while she still felt there were votes to be counted, Sater said in his report. He looked at her and said 'I'd rather you hug me' so he leaned down thinking that she was going to hug him and she slapped him.

Barrett didn't appear to have any hard feelings after the slap, and continued thanking supporters.

The speech and slap came after Walker defeated Barrett by seven percentage points in the contentious Wisconsin recall election.

Woman Slaps Barrett In The Face