Designer Jewelry: Following a Dada movement-inspired aesthetic, Irish-born Tom Binns is the latest jewelry designer for the fashionista looking out for the next great thing.

Tom Binns offers what could be one-of-a-kind pieces made out of reconstructed vintage jewelry. From his early collaborations with punk fashion icons Vivian Westwood and Malcolm Maclaren, there is nothing safe about the spontaneous creativity that Tom Binns' jewelry evokes.

Glitzed up skulls are just some of the cutting edge designs that have often put Tom Binns in the pages of fashion bible Vogue. His quirky jewelry-bomb-dropping Mickey and Minnie Mouse take a jeans and T-shirt to a new level of edgy chic. Each one of his collections, from Classic to Couture, is an edgy celebration of art that fuses vintage jewelry and found objects, like rusted metals, with precious stones and crystals for a polished appeal that has found its way onto the limbs of accessories lovers around the world.

Although all of Tom Binns designs have a quirky sense of humor, his necklaces have drawn the most notoriety. His attention to detail in using strand after strand of cobbled together stones and polished glass and crystals make glorious conversation pieces for any occasion. Tiny beads become unpredictable statements in his capable hands, and make the past the perfect way to compliment the present.

Tom Binns manages to combine pretty and punk for unique-looking fashions that compliment a classic little black dress, just as well as a dressed down shirt and pants, making his designs an essential part of every luxury-lover's jewelry box.

For LxM Carly Zinderman