"Tom Clancy's The Division" has, so far, avoided some of the major pitfalls that have plagued multiplayer launches in the past. Despite minor server issues in the first hours of the game's launch, there have been no widespread problems with connectivity, and gamers have been uncharacteristically quiet in the first 24 hours of the release.

Perhaps the biggest glitch of "The Division" only led to humor and a stronger sense of community among players. In the game, a player's character can't pass through or nudge another player's character. In other games, other characters can be moved or just walked through as though they were invisible. This design choice led to some trolling attempts by players who would stand in doorways of safe houses, blocking the way for other players. There are some ways around that roadblock, but other gamers are having problems logging in to the one laptop available during the tutorial at the start of the game. Instead of complete chaos, players have resorted to waiting on line to continue their progress in "The Division."

On a Reddit thread discussing the launch day experience, many players were happy with "The Division." There are a few issues such as clipping, but the game was running smoothly for most. "I play on the PS4 and had no complaints, didn't come across any bugs or glitches, and the server was strong," said one Reddit user after eight hours of gameplay. The graphics in "The Division" also received praise from players.

My character respawned in one of the best looking scenes I've seen on PS4 yet


Some users experienced glitches and game crashes that hindered gameplay. Most of the players agreed that the character creation mode was lacking due to the small selection for models and customizable options.

The biggest selling point of "The Division" was the Dark Zone, a seamlessly integrated multiplayer area within Manhattan. In the Dark Zone, players can join forces to take down enemies and gain high-level loot. There's also the option for players to go rogue and take other players to steal those valuable items. So far, players have given rave reviews of the Dark Zone experience. Tougher enemies and the risk involved with extracting the loot from the Dark Zone are among the highlights, according to players.

Players on the gaming forum NeoGAF reported a similar experience. Users on the thread have also spent a lot of time comparing "The Division" with "Destiny," with no consensus on which game is better.