One of next year’s most anticipated titles is undoubtedly “Tom Clancy’s The Division.” The massively multi-player online shooter is set to launch for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime next year.

In a recent interview with Metro, an unnamed Ubisoft Massive producer discussed the game, which was originally slated for a 2014 release date. The producer discussed how Ubisoft is working hard to create a memorable experience for players.

“I think making sure you focus on the content as well as just how it looks is really, really important,” the producer said. “So, I mean … I know one of the big taglines for us is it’s a third-person shooter, but we actually think of it as a RPG.”

He also addressed player experience and how the game will progress.

“Everything in the game is progression-based, so your experience is based around the set-up of your agent and it will be different to everyone else’s experience. So it’s not a linear shooter and it’s not even an open world game where you just pick up different missions as you go through them one at a time.

“We’re a multiplayer game, so people can play together and there’s synergy between them as well. So of course we’re going to have the fears that it looks ‘too good,’ but this is actually the minimum level of detail that we wanted in order to create the kind of game we wanted to make. The graphics enable the gameplay; it’s not a tech demo that we just added a shooter over the top of.

"We are going for a different feel in the genre right now because we’re so heavily… we’re a cover-focused combat game that relies a lot on the management of your skills, the gadgets, the Clancy tech that we have in the game.”

The producer also calls the game’s setting “realistic but a very extreme scenario. It lives in its own world. Especially with the setting being mid-crisis, and something that I think everyone in Western civilization highly fears – like what if your cellphone suddenly doesn’t work? And the Internet suddenly stops working. What do you do? Because I couldn’t cope, I dunno about you. I’m one of the first dead in this scenario.”

In April, it was revealed that the title was in development by three different teams – with Cary, North Carolina-based Ubisoft Red Storm joining United Kingdom-based Ubisoft Reflections and and Massive Entertainment.

“While Massive is running the development of ‘The Division’ – building everything from their proprietary Snowdrop engine powering the game, to the design of the world, the innovative gameplay systems and the intriguing story – the Swedish studio began to seek out additional Ubisoft studio support last fall,” the developer explained on its blog April 9. “Red Storm was naturally at the top of their list, simply based on their long history with Clancy games. Founded in 1996 with a small team that included Tom Clancy himself, the North Carolina-based studio created the original ‘Rainbow Six’ and ‘Ghost Recon’ – and has been an integral part of the Ubisoft development ecosystem since it was acquired in 2000.”

In May, the French developer announced the game’s release would be delayed until 2015.

“Working on ‘The Division’ is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of us at Massive, Reflections and Red Storm Entertainment,” Ubisoft said on its blog. “We are creating something we are really proud of and we don't want to compromise on quality. We are going to release the game when it's ready.”

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