“Tom Clancy’s The Division” is set to launch sometime during fall this year, and development is going along swimmingly, according to a tweet posted Wednesday on the game’s official Twitter account.

Capture Tweet posted on May 7. Photo: Courtesy/Twitter/TheDivisionGame

“Development is going really great,” Sweden-based developer Ubisoft tweeted to a curious fan who asked how the creation process was going.

It appears “Tom Clancy’s The Division” hasn’t encountered any issues during the development process, though an exact release date still hasn’t been revealed yet.  

In mid-April, it was announced the game would be developed by three different teams – with Cary, North Carolina-based Ubisoft Red Storm joining United Kingdom-based Ubisoft Reflections and and Massive Entertainment. It's reassuring to know the game's creation is most likely right on schedule, and that none of the three divisions have encountered any major issues.

“While Massive is running the development of ‘The Division’ – building everything from their proprietary Snowdrop engine powering the game, to the design of the world, the innovative gameplay systems and the intriguing story – the Swedish studio began to seek out additional Ubisoft studio support last fall,” the developer explained on its blog April 9. “Red Storm was naturally at the top of their list, simply based on their long history with Clancy games. Founded in 1996 with a small team that included Tom Clancy himself, the North Carolina-based studio created the original ‘Rainbow Six’ and ‘Ghost Recon’ – and has been an integral part of the Ubisoft development ecosystem since it was acquired in 2000.”

Last week, Ubisoft revealed an exclusive screenshot from the upcoming game, which featured two soldiers exploring a barren wasteland that was once New York City.