Now that the shock from the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split has somewhat subsided, many are wondering who the actor will date next. According to a National Enquirer story cited by Gawker, Cruise's next love interest will likely be a Scientologist.

According to the site, a former church member believes that model/actress Yolanda Pecoraro is a strong candidate for the actor's next gal pal.

Tom's next marriage will be inside the church, Margery Wakefield, an expert on the controversial religion, reportedly told the Enquirer.

Pecoraro began attending Scientology courses at age thirteen and is the daughter of true believers, reports the site. According to Andrew Morton's 'Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography,' Cruise met Pecoraro at a 2004 Scientology center opening in Spain and 'fell head over heels for her.'

Despite the gossip, there is no evidence that the two are romantically linked. In fact, Pecoraro is said to be in a serious relationship. Yet if Cruise wants to date with-in the church, there are plenty of single Hollywood actresses that are devote Scientologists.

Here are five potential leading ladies for Cruise -- complete with the Churchof Scientology's stamp of approval.