A lot of Blink-182's hit songs -- "What's My Age Again" and "All the Small Things," for example -- are about acting like a kid, but lately the band members themselves have been accusing one another of acting like children. According to a Rolling Stone interview with bassist Mark Hoppus, 42, and drummer Travis Barker, 39, the relationship between them and guitarist Tom DeLonge, 39, had been tense leading up to DeLonge’s decision to back out of a recording session and leave the alt-rock band in late December. Tuesday DeLonge responded via Twitter with a now-deleted tweet that further complicates the band’s contentious relationship.

The guitarist’s tweet, deleted shortly after it was sent out, read: “A year ago Mark and I spent a week on the phone with managers debating parting with Travis ... Don't pretend there isn't more to the story.”

DeLonge’s comments could throw an even bigger wrench into the band’s tumultuous breakup. In a separate tweet on Monday, DeLonge denied that he had quit Blink-182, which he helped found in 1992. However, Hoppus and Barker seemed united in the Rolling Stone interview while disparaging DeLonge’s noncooperation and lack of enthusiasm for a Jan. 5 recording session the band had scheduled. They pointedly blame DeLonge as the source of all the band’s strife and also claim DeLonge effectively quit the band. The pair said they were tired of lying to fans about plans to record another album.

“It's hard to cover for someone who's disrespectful and ungrateful,” Barker told Rolling Stone. “[For him] to say, 'I didn't quit the band' is just not true. It's disingenuous.”

DeLonge’s tweet would seem to suggest there are more problems in the band’s relationship than Barker and Hoppus are admitting. The guitarist claims he and Hoppus had considered pushing Barker out of the band long before DeLonge is alleged to have quit.

Hoppus and Barker have yet to respond to DeLonge’s tweet. Will the duo continue as Blink-182 without DeLonge? Right now, the future does not look bright for fans of the band hoping for a new album.

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