President Barack Obama's four years in office is getting the Hollywood treatment, including narration from actor Tom Hanks, in a 2-minute trailer teasing audiences for the 17-minute documentary, The Road We Traveled.

How do we understand this president and his time in office? Do we look at the days' headlines, or do we remember what we as a country have been through? Hanks can be heard saying the trailer. The film is being released March 15 and was directed by Davis Guggenheim, who was behind the camera for Al Gore's global warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

The trailer featured Austan Goolsbee, chair of the Council of Economic Advisers, and Obama campaign strategist and adviser to the president David Axelrod. Both men spoke about the economic problems Obama inherited.

The Republican National Committee could not immediately be reached for their reaction to the trailer, although USA Today reported the RNC gives The Road We Traveled two thumbs down.

Unfortunately Americans feel Obama's accomplishments each and every day after President Obama led our country to higher unemployment, record debt, and higher gas prices, said GOP spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski.

The 2-minute clip also includes highlights of Obama's inaugural speech and Vice President Joe Biden describing the decision whether the intelligence on Osama bin Laden was accurate enough to stage the operation that killed the al-Qaeda mastermind.

Biden's voice begins after the dramatic headline, Bold Action.

The entire national security apparatus was in that room and now we had to make a decision: Go or not go? Biden says into the camera. As [Obama] walked out the room, it dawned on me, 'He's all alone. This is his decision and nobody is standing there with him.

As Biden explains the decision was Obama's, a silhouette of the president is shown staring out a White House window.

Check out the trailer for The Road We Traveled