Tom Hanks' son, rapper Chet Haze, is amid a controversy after he using the word “n----” to describe his black friend and collaborator on Instagram. Haze remains unapologetic about using the term, insisting he did nothing wrong.

“Check out the song me and my n--- @chillthatdude just dropped on my Soundcloud #Juice LINK IN MY BIO #GoListen!!!” Haze wrote on his Instagram profile, along with a picture of his friend, who goes by the Instagram handle “chillthatdude.” Though Haze has now deleted his controversial post, it can be viewed here on @chillthatdude's Instagram.

Haze wrote a long message on his Instagram post where he justified using the N-word, saying it "unifies the culture of hip-hop across all races." The rapper has since deleted his Instagram account, but his words were captured by various websites. The son of Oscar winner Hanks and actress Rita Wilson said that the word can only have a "negative connotation if we so choose."

"Who is to say only black people can use it," he asked on a self-clicked Instagram video, according to USA Today. "It's a word that can be used out of camaraderie and love, not just exclusively for black people," he adds "What's the point in putting all these built up 'rules' about it. It's time to let go. You can hate me or love me for it, but can't nobody tell me what I can or can't say," he said.

However, the rapper attracted a severe backlash on Instagram and Twitter, where people told him that using N-word was a “bad move” for his career. But the backlash did not seem to bother him. Haze came out with another video where he said that he used the N-word only for his friend and would not use it for someone he didn't know. He also said that he will “not accept society getting to decide what ANYBODY can or can’t say” as he believes in “FREE SPEECH."