Tombstone Exploration Corp. is focused on exploration and development of mineral resources. The company has the mineral rights to approximately 11,500 acres of historical mining lands in the areas around Tombstone, Arizona. It is now the largest landholder in the Tombstone Mining District. The company today announced that it is scheduled to commence its drilling program in April. Tombstone has contracted with a drilling company and the exploration staff is also in place.

Multiple targets are to be drilled in this phase. The State of Maine Mine will be drilled starting at a depth below 200 feet which was the depth of surface exploration completed in the 1980s. Tombstone Exploration will also drill two holes around its former drill hold TEMC-2 that intercepted 9 feet of 15.5 ounce/ton silver and 0.31 ounce/ton gold which included 1 foot of 2.46 ounce/ton gold. This drilling will better define and expand this mineralized zone.

Other promising targets are the southern and northern extensions of the State of Maine Mine. These areas have had only shallow exploration and production in the past. The extension of the structure to depth below the State of Maine Mine structure has significant potential to host mineralization.

Another exploration target for the company is located below the water table at depths of 600 to 800 feet. Some mines in Tombstone had production below the water table and some mines stopped as pumping water in the 1880s was very difficult and expensive. The exploration potential below the water table was minimally explored and/or mined in the past.

Each of the above targets has the potential to tie together the mineralized fissures into a deposit that would be amenable to underground or open pit mining and to extend the depths of mineralization to perhaps hundreds of feet below the water table. The exploration potential includes a reported porphyry copper target in the region, but the main focus will be on silver and especially gold.