Tombstone Exploration Corp. focuses on exploration and development of mineral resources and has obtained mineral rights to about 11,500 acres of mining property in Arizona. As the largest landowner in the Tombstone Mining District, the company yesterday updated the mining and investment community on its drilling operations in Tombstone, Ariz.

To date, Tombstone reported that it has completed 2,375 feet of drilling, with the drilling on the State of Maine still to be completed. The company also said that additional exploration efforts show the potential that a few targets on company property may contain porphyry copper deposits.

“The drilling program has progressed nicely and we are waiting for laboratory results for the initial drilling. Additional drilling may be warranted after these results have been received and analyzed. We have also started planning a major geophysical and geochemical survey to help delineate porphyry targets on our property,” Steven J. Radvak, P.E., vice president of Exploration of Tombstone stated in the press release.

Tombstone noted that one of the world’s largest mining companies is acquiring property on the southern border of Tombstone’s land holdings and that various other companies are conducting exploration efforts nearby for porphyry copper deposits.

Industry interest in the area supports Tombstone’s position and potential of its property in Arizona, and Tombstone said it has developed an exploration strategy to seek porphyry copper deposits, including airborne geophysical analysis and geochemical surveys to define potential targets.

The company said it is also expanding exploration efforts to search for open pit style copper gold deposits.