Tombstone Technologies, Inc. is a software development company focused on delivering Web-to-Print solutions to the print industry. The Company’s graphic design tools are leading the emerging market for automated custom image applications. Formed in 2005, the Company trades on the OTC Bulletin Board. They have their corporate headquarters in Longmont, Colorado.

Tombstone Technologies, Inc. designed their first product, OIEPrint™ (patent pending), for use by anyone with the capability to take high-resolution digital designs and put them to work. OIEPrint™ is a customizable, template driven Web-to-Print design tool. It allows non-professionals to get professional results without investing time in overcoming a learning curve.

OIEPrint is for designing almost anything that is printable. Tombstone Technologies, Inc. can design a format or visual representation that can find use to create an enterprise’s products. This can be letterhead, brochures, baseball caps, t-shirts, rack cards, and more.

The OIEPrint Suite is available as Software as a Service (SaaS). The Company will manage all aspects of the installation for an enterprise from their servers. In addition, they provide a Web-based tool for a user to access all components of OIEPrint Site from their desktop. In this way, they can add products, change prices, and get the sales reports that they require.

The OIEPrint Suite is a complete ecommerce system. A user can set up their online store from the Company’s secure Control Panel. They can also track orders, process payments, view customer histories, and create their own templates. OIEPrint Suite allows an enterprise to put their print shop directly on the Internet. Therefore, they can compete with print shops worldwide.

OIEPrint store is the ecommerce component of the product suite. It allows enterprises to offer their customers the ability to manage their accounts online, create orders and reorders, and get online quotes. It is customizable and designed to handle complex print jobs.

On January 19, 2010, Tombstone Technologies, Inc. announced that they entered into an agreement to acquire the assets of Hunt Global Resources, Inc. The transaction is in the form of a reverse acquisition – Hunt Global Resources will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Tombstone Technologies. Hunt Global Resources, Inc. is a Houston-based company focused on the use of new technologies to maximize the value of their natural resources projects.