TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc., a global green leader in infectious disease control and surface and air remediation, announced earlier today that it recently attended two conferences, the 5th Decennial International Conference on Healthcare Associated Infections on March 18-22 and The Restoration Industry Associations Annual Conference March 23-27 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Halden Shane, CEO of TOMI(ES), commented, “Healthcare Associated Infections cost over 30 billion dollars a year. I am proud to be the CEO of a company that will be able to reduce significant costs and at the same time save lives. We were asked by remediation and healthcare industry leaders to demonstrate our state of the art air remediation and infectious disease control products.”

He continued, “With a large international audience including hospital officials, government agencies and industry medical experts, we gathered positive feedback and left Atlanta with many requests to follow up on pertaining to our TOMI branded Green product line. According to information presented at the Healthcare Associated Infections conference, C-diff seems to be on the rise and the most difficult in eliminating from the hospital setting. Attendees were particularly interested in our Ultra-D Room Fogger, which has a 99.999% or > 6 log disinfection rate when used to disinfect a patient room or operating room.”

TOMI Environmental Solutions is focused on using UV ozone, activated hydrogen peroxide and UVGI-Filtration to achieve a safe and healthy indoor environment. The company’s equipment will treat and protect homeland security issues that involve infectious disease control. Compared to other existing methods of air remediation and purification, TOMI systems produces byproduct-free ozone and activated hydrogen peroxide mist with a high degree of safety and industry expertise.