TOMI Environmental Solutions, Inc. announced this morning that it has delivered a complete set of air remediation equipment for the treatment of infectious disease control to its alliance partner, ROLYN Companies. With plans to use this equipment for their clients in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. area, ROLYN has already put the TOMI air remediation package to work.

Mark Futrovsky, President of ROLYN, stated, “In conjunction with the TOMI training, we have successfully utilized the TOMI air remediation equipment, and our clients and their consultants have been pleased with the results. The multiple applications of these products and their cost effectiveness have expanded our ability to better serve our client base in need of air remediation and infection disease control services.”

Halden Shane, CEO of TOMI, commented, “The industrial hygienists we encounter on each job continue to be amazed at the effectiveness of our indoor air remediation results, whether it be the elimination of odors, the killing of mold spores, bacteria or the inactivation of viruses. Our mission to educate the proper decision makers as to the effectiveness of our solution begins with demonstrative results.”

He continued, “With ROLYN Companies as an alliance partner, TOMI is building a portfolio of successful projects addressing multiple indoor environmental issues which will form the basis of the various applications that can be utilized. ROLYN Companies’ reputation for cutting edge green solutions to everyday environmental issues was the original basis for our alliance.”