Today we received the following communication from TOMI Environmental Solutions.

Dear QualityStocks,

We regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel our business client relationship as it stands today. Unfortunately the market seems to have reacted negatively to your being compensated; it has scared away potential interest. In particular we have received several communications regarding your having free trading paper, and concern that TOMZ will be going down due to potential liquidation of said shares.


First, let’s clarify via our disclaimer: QualityStocks received 500,000 RESTRICTED shares from TOMZ for 180 days of services.

Not free trading shares as said above. Furthermore, QualityStocks has not and will not receive any cash for our services.

Let’s be clear, the company has no money. They either need money or their stock price has to go higher so they can get money.

Point #1 Halden (Doc) Shane CEO & Chairman of the Board is a great man and leader. He will help TOMZ go far, but only if he gets the money needed.

Point #2 TOMZ needs money NOW or an IR group that wants to work for free for 6 months.

Point #3 QualityStocks will return the 500,000 RESTRICTED shares received from TOMZ.

Life is too short.