St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa has decided to call it quits just a few days after his Cardinals team won the World Series.

La Russa announced at Monday press conference that he was retiring after 34 seasons as a MLB manager, including 16 seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals.

La Russa retires at the top of the baseball world after his Cardinals won the World Series in seven games against the Texas Rangers. La Russa, a surefire Hall of Fame manager, finishes his career with three World Series titles, the winningest record in St. Louis history, and second best record of all-time.

The 67-year old finished with multiple baseball record during his storied career as a manager. He is the only manager to win multiple pennants in both the AL and NL, while only the second manager in baseball history to win a World Series in both leagues.

Prior to retiring on Monday, La Russa was the longest tenured coach in any of the four major sports.