San Antonio Spurs superstar Tony Parker is suing New York City club W.I.P. for $20 million over the infamous bottle-throwing brawl between Chris Brown and Drake that left him injured last week.

That sum of money may seem like a lot to ask for from a single Manhattan club, but Parker sustained an eye injury in the melee, and he is worth millions as a sharp-shooting guard. Eye problems won't help him keep hitting the big shots he's famous for making.

The nightclub, located in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, has already been shut down by city authorities in the wake of the fight between musicians Drake and Chris Brown for reasons unrelated to the brawl.

But the punishment is not over for W.I.P's owners, as the New York Post reported Thursday night that they are now facing a high-profile lawsuit from NBA star Tony Parker, who was caught in the crossfire during the altercation, which may have been over Chris Brown's former flame Rhianna.

Tony Parker was one of several people hurt in the fight; the injury list includes a female Australian tourist who had to get 16 stitches on her forehead after being hit by a bottle, and Chris Brown himself, who tweeted a photo of a scar he got on his face during the brawl.

Tony Parker is suing on the basis that the owners of W.I.P. should not have let Chris Brown and Drake -- who were publicly feuding over Rhianna -- into the club at the same time, according to the New York Post.

And it goes on to say that the SoHo nightclub's security corps was negligent in allowing such a major brawl to take place in their space, according to the Associated Press.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, also holds the club's owners responsible for Tony Parker's corneal laceration of the left eye and other injuries that he sustained that wild night, the Post reported.

David Jaroslawicz, Tony Parker's attorney, said such injuries certainly don't improve your outside shot, according to the Post, and the lawsuit says the club's owners were reckless, careless and negligent in permitting Drake's entourage and Brown's entourage to be in the club at the same time despite known tension between the two, the filing says.

Sources told the New York Post that Chris Brown flipped out when Drake sent him a note at the club saying, I am f-?-king the love of your life after Chris Brown purchased Drake a bottle of champagne, though Drake's spokesman says it wasn't Drake who initiated the fight.