Tony Siragusa, currently a Fox sideline analyst and former twelve year veteran of the NFL says he's not the type to just report about on the field injuries but gets in position to get the best view from the players' perspective.

I really analyze what's going on the field, sort of like the booth, but I'm down in the end zone, he said in a recent interview.

The end zone is the best vantage point for analyzing the players, says Siragusa, who is also part of the network's playoff coverage this year.

When you're a player and you're watching film to watch what the other team does, everyone watches from the end zone, he says. That's where I analyze it from. I can see a lot more.

While some fans may heckle him while he's on the field, he's not a push over.

I had a guy in Philadelphia throw a snow ball. He was a little shocked when I climbed into the stands ... [a]nd gave a little Jersey justice, you know what I mean.

He also hosts a show called Man Caves on the DIY network. The program looks into guys' houses that ... the wives have taken over, he says. [T]he woman comes in an you got this cool bachelor pad and all of the sudden you blink your eyes and you've got scented candles and flowers.

Siragusa has also done side work as an actor, appearing in Spike Lee's 2002 film 25th Hour in the part of a mobster.