For the thirteenth consecutive month, Tootie Pie Company, Inc. has reported that sales have increased as compared to the year prior month. For November 2010, sales were up 31% compared to sales from November 2009. Tootie Pie President and Chief Executive Officer, Don Merrill, noted that sales were up for the month in all of the Tootie Pie’s sales channels, including Tootie Pie Gourmet Café sales, which climbed by nearly 50 percent.

The Company is not letting the increased cash flow sit idly by and has been recently opening new café locations rapidly. A third café was opened in September and November saw the opening of an additional two locations; bringing the total to five. Mr. Merrill stated that he believes this will be the “best year ever” for Tootie Pie.

Not to be overshadowed by other announcements today, Bond Laboratories issued news that reported revenues from its NDS division for November was 32% higher than last year. The Company attributed the rise in revenues to responding to consumer requests and adding different flavors to its popular Pump Fuel™ pre-workout product as well as new additions to the NDS’ pre-workout products. Additionally, NDS is seeing continued success with adding new franchises to its long list of GNC retail locations where the NDS products are sold. With the franchises, NDS’ Pump Fuel™ brand continues to hold its rank as one of the top three pre-workout products sold.

The month-over-month pattern is getting to be “old hat” for NDS. In the months prior to November, revenues topped the prior year’s months’ by 35% in August, 33% in September and 50% in October. Bond Labs reported that revenue for the month ending November 30, 2010 beat last year’s total for November by $117,801 as revenues topped $506,621. The total revenues for this November increased by more than $200,000 as compared to revenues generated for November 2008.

Commenting on the growth and revenues, John S. Wilson, CEO of Bond Laboratories, stated, “I am confident that the Company has the resources and momentum necessary for us to execute on our aggressive growth plans for 2011.”

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