Top 10 Celebrity Death Hoaxes

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  • 1. Mick Jagger
    Rolling Stones’ front man Mick Jagger is the latest victim of the Twitter death hoax. “RIP Mick Jagger” was a Trending Topic on Wednesday. Twitter was on fire with tweets about Jagger’s alleged death. Some took a serious tone like Killer16Bars who wrote “RIP Mick Jagger trending is not even remotely funny.” Others tried to poke fun at the rumor by saying “RIP Mick Jagger? No, no, no. He’s not dead. He just looks like he is.” The rock and roll star recently performed an impressive set at the Grammy Awards, Sunday night. The 67-year-old rocker paid tribute to Solomon Burke who passed away last year. Reuters
  • 3. Justin Bieber
    In January Twitter was buzzing about the death of Justin Bieber. “RIP Justin Bieber” was a Trending Topic, consequently becoming a Google Trend as well. Bieber fans didn’t react well to this rumor. One user tweeted “I’ll be the first to say it. The whole “RIP JUSTIN BIEBER” trending topic is just sick.” Reuters
  • 5. Taylor Lautner’s Best MTV Quotes
    "The quote I love the most is Jacob's quote: 'Does my half being naked bother you?' That quote just cracks me up. Because, you know, that's when he's shirtless, not wearing a top." — On his favorite line in a "Twilight" book Reuters
  • 6. Paris Hilton
    While serving time for violating her probation on an alcohol-related drive case, rumors spread that Paris Hilton was stabbed seven times by a fellow inmate. Another rumor claimed the famous heiress had committed suicide in jail. Regardless, Hilton was soon after released from prison and continued with her party girl life. Reuters
  • 7. Kanye West
    A month after Kanye West caused much controversy at the MTV Video Music Awards for crashing Taylor Swift’s award speech, a rumor blossomed on Facebook and Twitter that West had died in a car crash in Los Angeles. The false report claimed that West had collided with another luxury car. The rappers girlfriend, Amber Rose, fired back tweeting that Kanye was still alive. Reuters
  • 8. Miley Cyrus
    In 2008 someone hacked into Miley Cyrus’ YouTube Channel and posted a message saying, “Hey, guys, this is Mandy and I have some very sad news … We’re very hurt to tell everyone this, but Miley died this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. Miley told us if anything ever happened to her, then she should let her fans know before the public … R.I.P. honey, we will miss you so much.” REUTERS
  • 9. Natalie Portman
    Rumors circulated the internet that actress Natalie Portman died by falling off a cliff in New Zealand. This cause of death may seem like a trend since actors Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Jeff Goldblum have also been reported to die in the same fashion. Neither of these actors ever had an accident in New Zealand. Reuters
  • 10. Paul McCartney
    In 1966 a story surfaced that Paul McCartney died and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. Beatles fans went wild looking for clues, paying close attention to the line “turn me on, dead man” that is heard when “Revolution 9” from the “White Album” is played backwards. This worldwide rumor was so big that many books have been written about the topic. Reuters
  • 11. Charlie Sheen
    News of Charlie Sheen’s alleged death in a snowboarding accident spread like a wildfire on Twitter. The rumor was quickly put to rest by Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards. Richards tweeted, “the rumor about Charlie Sheen is not true. He is alive and on his way over to see his daughters. Thank u all for your concern.” Reuters
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In recent years, with the power of social media tools such as Twitter, the internet is constantly buzzing with rumors about celebrity deaths. Rocker Mick Jagger was the latest victim of such gossip. From falling off cliffs, to drug overdoses and car crashes, here's a look at the top 10 celebrity death hoaxes that ruled the internet.  

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