Here is a list of the country’s 10 best cities for bachelors, according to a recent survey by

A number of factors were taken into consideration including nightlife, cultural attractions and cost of living in this survey of 1,000 single male renters and homeowners.

While 96 percent of the men surveyed did not regard a spacious kitchen as important, 69 percent of renters said having on-duty maintenance staff in the building was “most essential.”

A writer from reports the findings from the survey:

• A whopping 46 percent of single adult men under age 25 live free of charge with family or friends.
• 45% of bachelors seek single ladies as neighbors (while only 17% of single women feel the same way)
• True to the stereotype that bachelors live on takeout, only 4 percent of single male renters say they need a spacious kitchen
• Nearly 2 in 5 single men pay between 25% - 50% of their monthly income on rent, while 7% pay more than half!
• Nearly 9 in 10 respondents (87%) claim to clean their own apartments, while 5 percent hire a cleaning service to do it and another 5 percent invite their mothers over to help!

And the best cities for single men are:

10. Baltimore, Maryland
9. Washington, D.C.
8. Philadelphia, PA
7. New Orleans, LA
6. Los Angeles, CA

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