The idea of buying a new car is as confusing as it is exciting. Sellers paint such irresistible images of their products that most of the time the buyer is pressurized to make a hasty decision.

It’s not only about the monetary loss, but more about the long-time regret of buying a wrong vehicle!

There are several factors like specifications, price, performance, mileage, purpose, facilities, looks, luxury and comfort that influence choice and make the decision-making complicated. 

A popular auto magazine, Consumer Report, released has its top picks of 2012 rated on the basis of in-house testing, purchaser’s reports, road tests, reliability, surveys and safety.

The Web site describes the enlisted cars as the “best all-round models” in their category, picked after a thorough assessment of each and testing of over 260 vehicles.

Check out the top ten hottest cars of 2012 and get one into your driveway.