Over 300,000 apps and counting in the Android Market, but which ones are the best? You need an app curator, so this list is for you. Ice Cream Sandwich isn't here yet, so get the best new apps for your Android handset and kill some time until the best new Christmas present is here. Some of the apps in this list are new and some of them are new to Android Market after they debuted in the Apple App Store. Tiny Tower, a game where you build skyscrapers for your bitizens, is one of the recent converts.

With so many apps available, a true best app list is hard to put together, so think of this list as a guide. This list features games, kid's apps, photo apps, live wallpapers and even an app that will let you take screenshots on your device. It's called No Root Screenshot It, and it delivers what it promises. Start the slideshow to see the top ten new Android apps. Tell us in the comments if you there is a particular App Store app you are waiting to come out for Android.

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