These are the top 10 most delicious bites of sushi. I've chosen items that are reasonably available on the market, and that, like Jamie Frater's Top 10 Korean Food You Have to Try, represent a variety that any self-respecting sushi eater should set the goal to try in their lifetime. Naturally, this list is very personal opinion based, but to give some brief credentials on me, I am a sushi chef and have made sushi on a professional level since 2005, and have been eating sushi since long before that, both Stateside and in Japan. My selections are intended for a board spectrum of sushi eaters, ranging from the beginner (even the sushi virgin as we like to say), to even the most well-versed sushi snobs among us.

By Sushi Bites I've included items that are both, as a matter of semantics, sushi and sashimi. This covers most all sushi-related techniques and ingredients involving raw fish and cooked fish, with or without sushi rice. I also tried to give both the English and Japanese names for things.

I've also done my best to describe the individual tastes of the items, but that is difficult writing territory with certain limitations. (How would you describe thetaste of salt, for example, other than saying salty?) Besides all that, I hope to provide good information and a lot of new trivia knowledge to each reader, as any list ought to do.