A new year starts with new hope, expectations and demands, same is the situation in career when we talk about it. This article is based on sectors that are expected to top the list of careers this year. It is important for one to opt for one field that interests him/her and a person can earn good money too for a comfortable living. You can not really rewind the time when you know that the decent job you were in is no longer in demand and you have wasted a significant time of yours in that.

According to US News and World Reports, the 12 different careers ranked at the top of the list this year and will be greater in demand are as follows:

1. Software Engineer - This is the present and future of IT jobs. With the growing numbers of MNCs, the demand for computer software engineering is also rising.

2. Mass Communication – The number of news channels, newspapers and other forms of media, is growing constantly which will continue demanding people in greater number.

3. Network Administrator – In this modern profession era of computers and Internet world, Network administrator will be high in demand whose responsibility is to maintain computer hardware and software comprising a computer network.

4. Biomedical Engineer – The healthcare industry is on continual growth, giving a lot of scope to the people to build their career strong in this field. One such field is Biomedical engineering which is the application of engineering principles and techniques to the medical field, will remain one of the most demanding jobs this year.

5. Security- Nowadays, the rate of crime is very high which will demand for security jobs. We can assure you that the security jobs will always remain strong. This year, police officers and security guards will be in high demand.

6. Accounting: Taxes, just like death, is a sure thing. The assistance of an accountant will always required by an individual or a company on the whole who get desperate for more deductions and give a hard look at their calculations.

7. Physical Therapist – Thanks to the Internet job world which is giving rise to physical ailments, demanding the need of a physical therapist. The job of a physiotherapist was highest in 2009 list.

8. Alcohol: Alcohol is one thing which will never face downturn in the market. Manufacturers and distributors of this industry will continue to thrive.

9. Overseas education- If there is a rise in young working professionals, the rise in the demand of overseas education is understood.

10. Web designing- In the era of Internet, we can not overlook the demand of web designing and graphic designer. This is one of the fastest growing industries requiring thousands of professionals every year.

11. Animation – It is again demands highly in the sectors like media and entertainment and growing online applications, etc.

12. Pharmaceuticals and Health Care: As long as people do not stop getting ill and doctors giving prescriptions, intake of drugs is never going to stop. Pharmaceutical industry is an ever growing industry whether you're behind the pharmacy counter or in the lab.

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Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Top 12 career options in 2010