The rumors about the features and launch date of the new iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5, has stopped swirling even after Apple released iPhone 4S in October. The latest rumor ( suggests that the next generation iPhone will feature a redesign of the case as well as the antenna system.

Earlier, several sites reported that the new iPhone will feature an improved Siri, 4G LTE, a powerful A6 Quad-core processor, NFC (Near Field Communication), a bigger screen and a better battery life.

In other words, iPhone 5 would be an iPhone 4S on steroids.

We don't want to bet on when iPhone 5 is going to be launched but if you're one of those who bought an iPhone 4S for Christmas (or is about to buy one, to celebrate the new year), and haven't yet bought a protective case to shield your device against the occasional bumps and drops, we suggest that you seriously consider the following top 5 iPhone cases (brands) that are not only rugged but also fashionable.

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