Here are the top 5 hilarious planking failures of all time:

Failed Clothesline Planking: The woman in the video tries to get into the groove of the new internet planking fad by doing it over a clothesline and fails terribly. The clothesline gives way to the weight of the woman. The woman even tries to climb the clothesline for a long time and when she finally does, the clothesline collapses.

Police Vehicle Planking failure: The person in the video was the first ever Australian to get arrested for any charges related to planking. The cops did not find the act amusing at all although planking is the newest fashion statement at the moment. Never try planking on a cop’s car.

Failed Bush Planking: This is one of the funniest failed planking videos of all time. The person in the video tries to support his weight on a small shrub in his yard. The person, convinced that he will not fail, goes on trying again and again and keeps on falling from either sides of the bush. All the basic knowledge of the properties of matter has been lost.

Planking on Bridge Failure: The video shows how the person, who somehow successfully does the act on a bridge, is duped by his friends and pushed into the river below. The moral of the story – never try planking when friends are around.

Failed Pillow Planking: The description of the video says that the person who posted this video asked her friend Shannon to try and plank on the pillows which hilariously failed as Shannon’s body weight was too much for the pillows which gave way and she fell through them, virtually sucked inside the pillow cart.