1.       US Dollar at the highs of the day against all majors

a.       EURUSD - 1.4135

b.      USDJPY - 81.4

c.       GBPUSD - 1.62

d.      USDCHF - .8857

e.      AUDUSD - 1.0520

f.        USDCAD - .9785

g.       NZDUSD - .7775

2.       S&P futures began 10pt selloff at 6:30AM and retraced 76.4% Fibonacci level at 1330 before its assault of new lows for the day...


Source: Chart from FXCM

3)      Commodities are at their lows of the day as well...

a.       Oil - 95.33

b.      Gold - 1,473

c.       Silver - 33.1

4)      Carry traded currencies still the news of the day with all JPY pairs up close to 1%...

5)      European Shares hit 4-Week Closing Low

We will have to wait for the rest of the afternoon to see if we have any follow through to the upside in US dollar, downside in equities and downside in commodities.