With cryptic messages coming from Apple and a big announcement coming Oct. 4 the Internet rumor mill has been all abuzz. Speculation is running wild with talk of a new entry level iPhone 4S and the new and improved iPhone 5.

However, the iPhone 5 has some very capable competition with the Droid series of phones from Verizon which is powered by Google's Android OS and is already available for purchase. The Droid Bionic is a 4G monster with plenty of functionality packed into a small and sleek design.

Will the iPhone 5 be able to stack up to the competition or does Droid Bionic just do too much. We sifted through what's coming down the vine to see if Apple will taste the sweet wine of success or just end up with sour grapes.

Can iPhone 5 beat Droid Bionic? Yes, if it has killer features. Start the slideshow to find out what they are.