Top 5 Spring Break Destinations (PHOTOS)

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  • Greece
    The cherry blossom, the sunshine, the pleasant weather and a vacation is all you need to break away from the long shield of Winter and snow, as Spring draws near. While Mexico might be the first destination any tour operators are likely to suggest for Spring break, Greece is one of the five places, Let’s Go Travel Guides recommends for Spring vacation this year. From Athens' architecture and history, to picturesque Greek islands, Greece is definitely one of must-go spring travel destinations. In picture: Flowers bloom in front of the temple of Zeus in Athens on March 24, 2010. REUTERS/Yiorgos Karahalis
  • 2. Costa Rica
    Costa Rica is not just about coasts and beaches, but offers numerous natural wonders. From the beaches of the Pacific to the country’s extensive natural park system, Costa Rica has something for everybody. The country offers eco-tourism, extensive adventure travel experience ranging from white water rafting, canyoning, hiking, biking and more. In picture: Red Metal Church in Grecia, Costa Rica REUTERS/Juan Carlos Ulate
  • 3. Belfast, Northern Ireland
    As Spring break and St. Patrick’s Day happen around same time every year in Ireland, Dublin and its parties will always remain in picture. However, Belfast, in Northern Ireland, is a nice alternative to the crazy party atmosphere, atypical with Spring breaks. The University District is loaded with student bars, and the city essentially stops running for the big day. Street fairs run wild and Guinness flows freely. In picture: Belfast's City Hall REUTERS
  • 4. Iceland
    Iceland is a budget traveler’s paradise and ideal for students who are looking forward to a Spring break holiday. The breathtaking, unique geothermal wonder Blue Lagoon, the hot springs located some 40 km south-east from the capital Reykjavik, is a must-visit spot. Budget flights to Iceland are often easy to find from cities like Boston and New York, and Iceland is a great place to use as a base to fly to Europe. In picture: The Blue Lagoon REUTERS/Oleg Popov
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