Top Chinese American Travel Companies 2012

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  • Top Chinese American Travel Companies 2012
    Paradise Tours, a subdivision of E-World Travel & Tours Inc, has the travel savings that you're looking for. Its low prices on airfares, hotel rooms and car rentals make travel affordable. It mainly offers tours to East Coast, East Canada and Southeastern Deluxe/Budget Tours. For more information please call 1-212-385-1688 or visit our website IBTimes
  • Top Chinese American Travel Companies 2012
    Joy Holiday is a leading tour company that has been serving in San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. We are the member of the Better Business Bureau as well as an active member of the National Tour Association (NTA). Joy Holiday is registered with California’s Sellers of Travel Programs, too. Now we are also designated as the only official inbound tour operator by NTA. We provide high quality service and tours to every single customer and traveler. With more than 15-year experience, we specialize in bus tour mostly toward West-America. We originally created many well-known routes such as Grand Circle, Enchanted Sands Cities, etc. People love our Holiday Special Tour like Yellowstone Tour as well. That is because we have the best tour guides in Bay Area. We know exactly the best timing for each sites so that our customers will have the best experience with us. All our tour guides are certified by professional institution ITMI, where the excellent tour guides come from. But not only this, Joy Holiday is now giving you another great destination – China. We are going to present you a different way to explore Chinese culture. It is not just a photo-taking tour. You will dine with local family, make your own china, and learn Tai-Chi from Kung Fu master. You can choose various destinations including Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou and Wuxi, and we are sure you will be amazed by this beautiful culture. If you join our education tour, which contains all the features of China Tours, you can even have a musical performance on the Great Wall and performing with a China band! All our tours include world famous attractions, Chinese flavored meals, optional entertainment/activities, 5-Star hotels, and English-speaking tour guide. Please call us 1-650-259-9599 for more or visit IBTimes
  • Top Chinese American Travel Companies 2012
    L & L Travel Enterprises, Inc., a major tour operator in New York City, was established in 1995. Now it mainly offers bus tours (Billingual tour - Chinese/English) covering east coast area of USA. L & L Travel has a large number of loyal customers because of its experienced tour guides and excellent customer services. It always pay close attention to the quality of food and accommodations for our tours. Its goal is to provide the best tour service at the lowest price. For more information about L & L Travel, please visit its website or call the following numbers: 1-888-926-9379 (US & Canada) 1-212-334-4222 (International) IBTimes
  • Top Chinese American Travel Companies 2012
    Ritz Tours, Inc -Over three decades of experience Encourage your global spirit to discover the distinct culture and rich history of the intriguing lands of China and Asia, and allow Ritz Tours to be your guide as you create many lifetime-long memories. With over three decades of experience and a mission to provide “the best quality tours at the most affordable prices”, Ritz Tours delivers an exceptional, unparalleled vacation experience. So whether this is your introduction to the Far East or your tenth trip, you can feel confident you’re traveling with a highly-reputable, client-acclaimed tour company. Ritz Tours crafts each travel program so that it incorporates five-star accommodations, exceptional sightseeing, superior tour guides, exciting entertainment, flavorful cuisine, and the popular attractions and spectacular scenery that define Asia. An industry leader, Ritz Tours is proud to be a member of numerous well-respected travel associations including the U.S. Tour Operators Association (USTOA), the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and the International Airlines Travel Agents Network (IATAN). We look forward to welcoming you on what we hope will be an extraordinary journey with Ritz Tours! At Ritz Tours, we believe that a memorable vacation to China, Asia, and Europe can – and should – come at a great value. For over 30 years, we have stood by our belief of providing the "best quality tours at the most affordable prices," and we are proud to offer some of the most attractive prices in the industry. So when planning your upcoming getaway, we invite you to compare our programs with our competitors. We are certain you’ll find that we include countless meals, entertainment, and sightseeing excursions which other tour companies sell as "optionals." Please visit its website or call 1.888.345.7489 for more information. IBTimes
  • Top Chinese American Travel Companies 2012
    Super Vacation, the largest Chinese tour operator in North America, was established in 1981 in Los Angeles, California by Ms. Helen Koo. There are currently 18 branches and employ over 300 staff. Super Vacation owns over 30 deluxe tour coaches in USA and Canada, serving over 150 tours monthly and over 150,000 tour customers annually. Super Vacation is committed to distinctive services and earns excellent reputation through words of mouth. It is the company’s philosophy to strive for excellence in tourism based on its current success. All of our service personnel are well trained, equipped with excellent product knowledge and always work for continuous improvement. IBTimes
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As China rises in the global tourism arena from sixth place in 2008 to second over the next two years, a rising demand for travel is being observed in the country. Here are five Chinese American Travel agencies that offer tourism services:

1. E-World Travel & Tours Inc.
2. Joy Holiday
3. L & L Travel Enterprises, Inc.
4. Ritz Tours, Inc
5. Super Vacation

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