The annual list of the top 10 dog breeds has been released by the American Kennel Club, and includes favorites such as the Poodle and the German Shepherd.

Statistics for the most popular dogs were revealed on NBC's "Today Show" on Wednesday morning, and the Labrador Retriever was named America's most popular breed. This is the 22nd straight year the Retriever has been named the favorite. Another larger breed, the German Shepherd, was able to maintain its No. 2 spot. 

AKC spokeswoman Lisa Peterson admitted larger breeds dominate the "pint-sized, portable pooch,” though smaller dogs such as the Poodle, Beagle, and Dachshund made the top 10 list.

“Bigger breeds are making their move,” said Peterson.  “The popularity of the pint-sized, portable pooch just gave way to a litter of larger breeds in the top 10. These predictable, durable, steady breeds, like Labs and goldens, are great with kids and offer the whole family more dog to love.”

Check out the top 10 favorite dog breeds of 2012:

No. 1 Labrador Retrievers
No. 2 German Shepherds
No. 3 Golden Retrievers
No. 4 Beagles
No. 5 Bulldogs
No. 6 Yorkshire Terriers
No. 7 Boxers
No. 8 Poodles
No. 9 Rottweilers

No. 10 Dachshunds