With the growth of Internet, the way companies do business and interact with customers has changed. Companies have realized that they can use the Internet as a tool to expand their businesses.

This has led to growth in e-commerce or electronic commerce, which is a way to conduct minor and major business transactions online instead of going into a store.

E-commerce provides convenience for people who would rather have a product shipped from a store instead of going to the actual store to purchase it. E-commerce has also simplified the whole task of bookkeeping. All the executives have to do is feed accurate data into the e-commerce software and then analyze the obtained results.

For companies, e-commerce has grown to become an important part of how they transact their businesses because it helps reduce expenses (especially overhead costs), saves time, keep better track of inventory, and increases overall sales. Companies, which have taken advantage of e-commerce, are Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Dell and HP, among others.

The sales revenue these companies report reflect the importance of e-commerce in the commercial market nowadays.

And, with more and more shoppers turning to online shopping, the number of e-commerce solutions providers have also grown.

But choosing the right e-commerce solutions firm is not easy and not all of them can provide what you are looking for. Nonetheless, if you're planning to shop for e-commerce solutions, you should check whether the package offer these important features, among others:

> Compatibility with existing systems
> Ability to Import Existing data
> Virtual shopping carts
> Ability to calculate sales tax and shipping costs
> Tools to build and customize the e-store
> Detailed reporting and analytics of online customer activity
> Remote administration
> Scalability, and
> CMS (content management system).

In this regard, IBTimes Tech & Trend has compiled a list of Top e-Commerce Solutions Firms that offer premium quality solutions at affordable prices.

They are:

1. IzzoNet

2. Volusion Inc.

3. Dydacomp

4. Miva Merchant

5. Verecom Technologies

6. M-Connect Solutions

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