Super Bowl Sunday is bound to be a huge day not only for the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, but for fans as well. The mega-event is going to be shown all over the nation, not only at house parties but at sports bars as well. That means not only a lot of food will be consumed, but probably a lot of alcoholic beverages. One of the biggest sponsors of the Super Bowl, for example, is Bud Light beer. So how can you make sure you do not wake up the next morning with dizziness, a headache, and fatigue? Check out these Super Bowl hangover cures:

Drink Water

Drinking water while consuming alcohol is very important in order to avoid a hangover, but many people forget this key tip. Drinking alcohol dehydrates you by stimulating your kidneys to excrete more water than you drink, and causes electrolyte imbalance. If you are dealing with a hangover, re-hydrate yourself by drinking eight to 10 glasses of water over the course of the morning.

Drink Sports Drinks

In addition to the tried-and-true water trick, sports drinks such as Powerade, Gatorade, and even Coconut Water can also help speed up the recovery process. Gatorade is no longer just a drink to throw on the winning team, it is also beneficial for replacing lost electrolytes and sugars.

Try Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief

It may be best to purchase this product the day of the Super Bowl, so you have it ready for Monday morning just in case you drink too much. Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief packs a maximum-strength pain reliever and caffeine into a refreshing citrus effervescent product that is gentle on your stomach and gives you a burst of energy to get you going again. Caffeine has been found to help relieve headaches, and the unique combination of ingredients in Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief is designed to relieve minor aches and pains with fatigue or drowsiness associated with a hangover.

Eat Starchy Food

Food is the last thing most people want to see the morning of a hangover. But hangovers cause your blood-sugar levels to drop, meaning carb-laden foods like plain bagels, toast, and crackers are all good to eat because they will help increase your blood sugar and settle your stomach.

Get Out of Bed

While it seems like the last thing you want to do is leave your comfortable bed the night after a lot of drinking, going outside and getting some fresh air is extremely beneficial. Taking in deep breaths of fresh air can make you feel better by increasing circulation and eliminating toxins.