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  • Top Online Faxing Services 2012 Over 11 million people use eFax every day for their fax communications. As a world-class Internet fax solution, eFax empowers you with many advantages, including the largest selection of local and toll-free fax numbers in over 3,500 cities in 48 countries around the world. Easy as email Using the convenience of the Internet, eFax enables you to quickly access faxes from your laptop, desktop or wireless device. Faxes are delivered as attachments directly to your email inbox. eFax is also compatible with Outlook and other popular email accounts. Fast, reliable, and secure Powered by a global network of cutting-edge servers, eFax provides unparalleled transmission security and maintains a 99.5% up-time. This means that you will never get a busy signal. Fax documents can also be stored for two years and are easily searchable. With all of these great benefits, eFax is the premier online fax solution. Vist for more information. IBTimes
  • Top Online Faxing Services 2012, the leader in Internet fax messaging, is a service of Data On Call, Inc., a provider of outsourced, value-added messaging and communication services. Since 1996, Data On Call has provided businesses and individuals with high-quality, reliable digital fax services that improve the efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their transactions. Benefits of using * Ability to send faxes from any computer * Send multiple messages at once * Neither paper nor ink required * No fax machines * No busy signals * No dedicated phone line * Speedier faxing process * Lower phone account costs * Faxes may be received even when a computer is turned off * Improved confidentiality with only account holders granted message access IBTimes
  • Top Online Faxing Services 2012
    Send and Receive Faxes by Email – Anywhere - Anytime SRFax will save your company both time and money by eliminating the need for a fax machine and telephone line while simplifying your faxing procedures. SRFax offers a simple, reliable solution which ensures integrated delivery of faxes via Email or from your secure SRFax online account. Outsourcing your faxing needs with us will allow everyone in your organization to send and receive faxes directly from their desktops or mobile phones. Since 2000, SRFax has been helping companies and individuals with their faxing requirements irrespective of the volume of faxes they send or receive. Every account with SRFax includes the following features: • Supports 150 different file formats for sending faxes. • Faxes received can be in PDF or TIFF format. • Ability to receive multiple faxes simultaneously, so no more busy lines. • Allows up to 9 users per account (Unlimited for Business Accounts). • Notifies an unlimited number of Email addresses when a fax is received • Toll Free Fax Numbers provided at no additional cost. • Junk Fax filtering. • Secure online account management. • Unlimited online fax storage for 1 year. • Mobile version for smart phones • Flexible reporting tools • Excellent customer service 24 x 7 • Plus much more…. SRFax offers its customers the following benefits: • Immediate Savings – eliminates the costs of telephone lines and fax hardware. • Increase Staff Productivity – allows faxes directly from desktop or mobile. • Portability - secure web access at no extra cost, 24/7 from any device. • Email & SMS notification – notifications of faxes can be sent via Email or by SMS to your mobile. • Mobility – secure access to all account details and faxes from any smart phone. • Backup Security – secure and unlimited private storage of faxes for 1 year. • Improved Customer Service for Your Business – attend to your clients’ needs wherever you are and whenever you need to. SRFax minimizes errors, frees up resources, significantly reduces costs and helps the environment. Go to for a Free Trial of online fax service or call 1-866-697-7329. IBTimes
  • Top Online Faxing Services 2012
    Fax Reliability, Quality and Flexibility are the absolute requirements of the many businesses in today's competitive world. SmartFax provides you with an internet fax solution that will help you connect and communicate instantly, eliminating the use of fax machines. With SmartFax, sending a fax is never this easy! Local Fax Number Best value in local fax services. Get your own local number with SmartFax Local $6.95/month package! click here! 2-minute setup SmartFax values your time and money. Sign up online and get your account working in 2 minutes. International Faxing With SmartFax International Fax capability, your market has just gotten bigger. Your international customers can send you fax and you can send fax to any international number. Fax Archives SmartFax keeps all received faxes online for your convenience. You will not miss a fax with SmartFax. Email to Fax SmartFax enables customers to send fax from their email to any fax number. Merge the convenience of email with fax. Fax to Email SmartFax customers may choose to receive fax from their email address. Fax messages are sent in PDF, TIFF or post script format. Online Control Panel With SmartFax online control panel, customers can change their billing and account information anytime they deem necessary. Visit for more information. IBTimes
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Online faxing (also known as Internet fax, digital fax and eFax) utilizes an online fax service provider to convert a fax transmission into file that can be received via email or a fax machine.

Online faxing has become a necessity for the day to day operations of businesses as it's more affordable, convenient, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly compared to the old-fashioned fax machines .

Here are five sites that you can use to send your fax online.

1. eFax

2. Fax

3.  Srfax

4. Smartfax

5.  FaxLogic

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