Top Search Engine Marketing Firms 2012

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  • Top Search Engine Marketing Firms 2012
    SEOValley is an award-winning SEO/SEM company that boasts of 300+ active clients and over 97% client retention rate. SEOValley has an ethical approach to search engine marketing and works with the client at every step - from the signing up stage to finalization of the keywords and analysis of the ever-changing search engine algorithm - so that the client is made aware of how the time and effort invested in the campaign are bearing fruit. The firm's team of SEM experts will analyze and construct individual web pages, as well as entire sites, so that they can be discovered, analyzed, and then indexed by various search engines. SEOValley believes in delivering only the best results to its clients because it knows that no matter how beautiful or informative a Web site is, the potential customers will never even know that the Web site exists unless it is well optimized for the search engines. You can check out here to get a quick look at the results SEOValley have produced for their clients or, if you have a little more time, explore their more detailed SEO Case Study Success Stories here. And, if you’re wondering what clients have to have about SEOValley’s services, click here. For more information, click here OR call at US Phone: +1.415.670.9746/ India Phone: +91.9893014167. IBTimes
  • Top Search Engine Marketing Firms 2012
    Founded in 2002, Tangence is a full-service provider of search engine, marcomm, and lead generation services. The company, with over 225 professionals, serves corporate clients that range from Fortune 50 companies to cutting-edge startups. Tangence secret-sauce is a unique service portfolio combined with a revolutionary execution model that provides the highest quality of service at unheard of prices and turnaround times. That’s the new reality of corporate marketing. Tangence has designed unique search engine programs that let you take advantage of the latest advances in search engine optimization and marketing.   A complete service offering (keyword analysis, on-page/off-page optimization, monitoring, reporting) in a pay-for-performance model.  Keyword Research We help you identify what the audience is searching for. And it may not always be what you think. Website Optimization Those pesky little details that make your site search-engine friendly. And the task list is always changing. Off-page Optimization Everyone can write what they want on their own website. More and more the action is in how others connect to you and what they say about you. Detailed Reporting and Competitive Benchmarking In search, being good is not enough. You have to be better than your competition. Let our experts show you how. IBTimes
  • Top Search Engine Marketing Firms 2012
    Search Marketing Group, Inc. is a boutique search engine marketing and website design firm headquartered just outside New York City in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey serving clients worldwide. SMG has quickly gained a reputation as a highly strategic search engine marketing firm. Their pragmatic approach stresses the relationship between ad placement, ad copy and landing pages to maximize the degree of relevancy site visitors experience and compel them to action. Their sound methodology and focus on the fundamentals consistently yields industry leading conversion rates clients find irresistible. President David Berger explains his motivation for founding the company in 2009 “SMG was formed as a direct response to trends I saw in the marketplace while working within an agency. People began to look at the data too much and the humanity too little. After centuries of advertising, marketers finally had this fantastic new medium, SEM, where nearly every aspect of a campaign could be measured down to the thousandth of a percent and fractions of a penny. Yet results for clients were sinking fast. Mathematicians began to replace copywriters and creative personnel at agencies. Computers began performing automated analysis. To me this was all wrong. A computer can tell you to shut off the keyword ‘Honda Accord’ for a Honda dealership because the cost of conversion slipped one penny too high. What it cannot tell you is the landing page stinks! The offer is the worst in the market place and the dealership is too far from the metropolitan area’s center to outperform the competition. So the humans needs to step in, compel folks to get in their old Camry and drive 10 extra miles to get a great deal on an Accord. Now the word performs above expectation. What it took was human ingenuity. We do that for every word in the campaign and every landing page in a client’s website. We simply work harder and twist our moustaches a bit more to get results.” IBTimes
  • Top Search Engine Marketing Firms 2012
    What sets one SEO company apart from another? Results. Vayu Media has delivered results that speak for themselves to clients across the United States. Vayu Media develops search engine marketing strategies for their clients that are results oriented and have a proven ROI. The Atlanta SEO company prides itself in working as a partner with their clients to understand their business in order to drive relevant and targeted traffic, build engaged social followers, or develop a branding strategy utilizing the most up to date social, seo, or display advertising techniques. Vayu Media is a leading SEO company in the Southeastern United States, based out of Atlanta, GA. The seo company was selected due to its proven track record of outstanding performance of delivering growth to technology, professional services, home improvement, and eCommerce companies. Floor and Décor is one of Vayu Media’s clients who has experienced tremendous eCommerce and brick and mortar growth due to the company’s search engine marketing strategies. Vayu Media has grown the eCommerce store of Floor and Décor to over 2.5 million visitors a year. The eCommerce division has experienced a growth rate of over 200% in the last six months. In addition, Vayu Media has proven that a brick and mortar store can benefit from a well devised local seo strategy. The company has delivered first page Google rankings to more than 30 brick and mortar stores of Floor & Décor in more than 10 states. The type of clients that have benefited from Vayu Media’s search engine marketing strategies range from local jewelry retailers, national cosmetics brands, home improvement and industrial safety product distributors, to technology companies and international travel and leisure brands; Vayu Media has truly proven that it can deliver growth to businesses spanning the whole business spectrum. Contact Jennifer Dunphy, VP of Marketing at, 800-456-1563 or visit to find out more about growing your business. IBTimes
  • Top Search Engine Marketing Firms 2012
    Webrageous is a leading provider of Pay Per Click Management. Founded in 2001, Webrageous caters to small, medium and large businesses who want to improve their return on investment from Google AdWords. Webrageous serves all types of businesses who want to utilize paid search to drive targeted traffic to their website. Webrageous has found success helping law firms advertise online particularly firms specializing in the niche industry of drug and medical device liability as well as family law. Webrageous has also helped an international luxury resort, the largest trainer of medical spa technicians in the United States, one of the world's largest credit card processing firms, and helped play an integral role in the growth of a firm which recently debuted on the Inc. Magazine list of fastest growing companies in America. IBTimes
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Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that aims to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

SEM has become one of the most powerful tools for any moden business that has an online presence. Here are five companies which offer search engine marketing services:

1. SEOValley
2. Tangence
3. Search Marketing Group
4. Vayu Media
5. Webrageous Studios

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