Times Square Webcam

WARNING!  You might feel a tad creepy when you're done viewing all of these web cams.

Sure, the eagles and the safari animals might be cute, but some of the things that happen at the New Orleans Karaoke bar sure aren't.  Whether it's a whining kid in Times Square, or an Elvis themed wedding in Las Vegas, here's a list of some best webcams to make you snicker, scream, and smile.

Times Square Cam

If you want to experience the frenetic mess of fast-paced humans racing through Times Square, be sure to check out these cams.  You can peruse a list and judge for yourself which view proves the most entertaining.  For all those self-proclaimed 'people-watchers,' these cams are your ultimate peephole.


Karaoke Cam

Why listen to your own music when you could tune into this cam and hear to some drunken starlets sing you a tune? Experience live entertainment and top-notch karaoke-inspired dance moves as patrons perform at one of the most famous karaoke bars in the world, located in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Swimming Dogs Cam

For the dog-lovers out there, this Sarasota, Florida cam is all about watching some furry strangers swim around in a backyard pool.  That's right, each day Otter, Bleu and Maggie (three Labrador Retrievers), splash about in some lady's backyard pool.  On rare occasions you may even see a human taking a dip! Oh my!


Northern Lights Cam

Not in operation from May to mid-August, the AuroraMax Observatory's cam is a spectacle of lights each winter.  Tune in to see the sky over Yellowknife, Canada dance, swirl, and glow with color.




Safari Cam

For those of us who can't make it to Africa, this safari cam with have to suffice.  Located in Sabi Sands Game Reserve in South Africa, which is connected to Kruger National Park, this black and white camera has a surprising amount of wildlife action (when you're not looking at a puddle of water).


Bald Eagle Cam

In search of something cute?  These bald eagles on Santa Catalina Island, California are extremely perky and camera happy.  With infrared lights, you can watch them guard their nest 24 hours a day!


Las Vegas Wedding Chappell Cam

If you enjoy a good wedding, but don't get invited to as many as you'd like, check out the live streaming over at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, where you can watch couples tying the knot, Vegas-style. The 24-hour cam also captures the cleaning crew during off-hours, which isn't quite as fascinating, but might hit the voyeuristic note for some. Watch out for Elvis and various theme-weddings, complete with props, lighting and colorful outfits.


Waterfall Cam

If you've always wanted to see Niagara Falls, but have been stuck looking at the snow globe version your cousin gave you from his trip as a kid, now's your chance to see it live.  Sure, it's not quite like being there yourself, but to see this massive waterfall from multiple angles is pretty sweet!


Underwater ReefCam

Fancy a scuba dive but can't stand the pressure?  This reefcam from the Bonaire National Marine Park in the southern Caribbean may be a good substitute.  The underwater camera is located at a depth of 15 meters on the drop-off at the dive site Something Special.


Ghost Cam

While a library may not strike you as the most exciting subject for a live feed, this is no ordinary library. It is, in fact - should you buy into such things - haunted. The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is purportedly inhabited by the gray lady, who floats around scaring the bejesus out of anyone and everyone.