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Priority Pass, the world's largest independent airport lounge program, asked its members to share their top travel tips. Here are some of the suggestions offered by these experienced world travelers. To see the entire list, visit

Get Adequate Insurance

An annual policy makes sense, but don't choose the cheapest without comparing - it may not be a deal if it cuts corners.

Think About Medication, Glasses

Take enough of any prescription, along with a selection of essentials and spare glasses or contact lenses. Check what immunizations you need and whether you need certification of them.

Get An Upgrade

While these are elusive, increase chances by dressing smartly and being friendly at check-in, asking politely about the possibility of an upgrade.

Protect Laptops and Essential Business Documents

Make sure vital documents are backed up and sensitive information securely encrypted. Carry presentations on a USB stick, and never put your laptop in checked baggage.

Overcome Jet Lag

While Priority Pass members have different methods, most agreed on setting your watch to destination time on departure and living on that schedule immediately.

Avoid Airport Stress

Use online check-in and know the airline's baggage limits. Of course, Priority Pass membership got a resounding thumbs-up, assuring access to 600+ airport lounges around the world.

Don't Be Selfish - Think of Others

Review your own behavior, turn down headphones, converse quietly and maybe leave your phone switched off in crowded areas.

Enjoy yourself

Don't let stresses hide the pleasures, especially on a business trip. Savor the thrill of new places and cultures and leave time to explore your surroundings.