Web conferencing has grown to become vital to every modern business as it has emerged as a powerful tool for businesses to not only cut costs, but also to boost productivity and improve efficiency.

The most compelling reason to use Web conferencing is that it helps companies spend less time and money on traveling and by doing so, it spares the companies from not only lost productivity but also it allows them to save money.

Other reasons for using web conferencing are:

 >  Helps companies expand its reach and work with new clients and customers in global markets
 >  Helps improve employee efficiency via online training programs.
 >  Unite geographically diverse work sites
 >  Speeds up project completion
 >  Helps close deals faster.

However, finding the right web conferencing product for your company is not an easy task as you will need to keep in mind the product requirements and cost considerations. And, most importantly, you will have to find the right vendor.

In this regard, Tech & Trend has has sieved through a plethora of Web conferencing software and service providers to bring you the best - the Top Web Conferencing Platforms of 2012.

They are:

1. Infinite Conferencing

2. GoToMeeting (by Citrix Online)

3. ClickMeeting by Implix

4. Spreed

5. ReadyTalk

6. A+ Conferencing

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