There are many Web hosting firms, but to find success in your business, you need to find the right one.

How do you find the right Web hosting firm? The best way to determine whether a Web hosting firm is the right one for you, is by examining whether it offers a hassle-free, reliable service for hosting your Web site without compromising on security and quality.

All Web hosting firms offer a variety of hosting services that range from free to a few thousand dollars a year. For small Web sites, free Web hosting is a good option but there are some drawbacks, as the free services may have policies that can limit certain content, function, scripting languages or uses. Also free Web hosting services may not offer the technical support, reliability and security, business owners may generally be looking for.

In this regard, business owners prefer having dedicated hosting so that their businesses do not get affected by other users in same shared hosting. After all, the last thing they want for their business Web sites is to experience frequent down times.

However, with paid Web hosting services too, there lies a dilemma - how to balance quality Web hosting with reasonable pricing? Some Web hosting providers say that they provide all services, but they fail to provide them after you pay them the money.

Tech & Trend has sieved through a plethora of Web hosting firms and have picked the top Web hosting firms of 2012 - the very best Web hosting firms that are not only reputable, reliable and affordable, but also are scalable and offer the right bandwidth, disk space and quality support services that will allow your business (or Web site) to grow.

They are:

1. Webzilla

2. HostPapa

3. Doteasy


5. Virtual Internet

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