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  • Senkaku islands dispute
    Japan Buys Disputed Islands; China Sends Surveillance Ships

    September 12 2012 6:58 AM EDT

    Two China Marine Surveillance (CMS) ships reached the waters around the disputed islands claimed by Japan and China in the East China Sea Tuesday morning even as the U.S. cautioned both the nations against escalating the tensions.

  • Sentiment Mildly Positive ahead of German Constitutional Court’s Ruling

    September 12 2012 3:58 AM EDT

    Financial markets steadied as investors awaited German Constitutional Court's ruling on the ESM/fiscal compact and the People's Bank of China reported RMB 704B of new loans in August, up from a disappointing RMB 540B in July. Positive comments from the Troika after meeting with Portuguese and Greek officials also helped sustain sentiment. News reports said that Spain has proposed a 3-step plan towards a Eurozone fiscal union. In the US, Moody's warned of credit downgrade if no progress ...

  • USD, RMB US says, China’s debt holdings are not a threat

    September 12 2012 3:57 AM EDT

    China's holds more than $1.3-T in US debt and the prospect that it might suddenly withdraw funds do not pose a national security threat, according to a new Pentagon assessment. "China has few attractive options for investing the bulk of its large foreign exchange holdings out of US Treasury securities," given their extent, according to the report. China is the 2nd-largest holder of US government debt after the US Federal Reserve.

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange
    US Stock Futures Signal Firm Open Amid Fed Easing Hopes

    September 12 2012 3:54 AM EDT

    The U.S. stock index futures point to a higher open Wednesday as investor confidence was underpinned by expectation that the Federal Reserve will announce stimulus measures this week to invigorate the economy and boost growth.

  • Asian Stocks
    Asian Stocks Advance Before German Court Ruling

    September 12 2012 3:34 AM EDT

    Asian stock market advanced Wednesday with investors expecting a positive decision in the German court ruling on ESM constitutionality while speculation of further stimulus measures from China also added to the sentiment.

  • A man's shadow is cast on monitors displaying stock market prices inside a brokerage in Taipei
    Asian Stocks Gain On US, China Stimulus Hopes

    September 12 2012 12:11 AM EDT

    Asian stock markets rose Wednesday as investors remained hopeful that policymakers in the U.S. and China would announce monetary easing measures to boost the global economy and rejuvenate economic growth momentum.

  • Asian Shares Rise On Hopes Of German Court Ruling, Fed Action

    September 11 2012 9:38 PM EDT

    Asian shares edged higher Wednesday as investors remained cautiously optimistic that a German court would approve the legality of the euro zone's bailout fund later in the day and the U.S. Federal Reserve may deliver further stimulus measures this week.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Release Issues: In Foxconn, Quality And Speed Stuck In Gridlock
    Foxconn Abuses Now Include Cajoling College Students Into Assembly Lines

    September 11 2012 5:48 PM EDT

    Chinese media reveal that Foxconn, which assembles products for Apple, is still carrying out abuses in its labor practices, including the drafting of local college students in East-Central China into its factory labor force, and whitewashing the incident as an "internship" experience.

  • Burberry graphic
    Flat Burberry Sales Pull High-End Brands Down

    September 11 2012 2:43 PM EDT

    After London-based Burberry Group PLC (LON: BRBY) reported flat comparable-store sales for its second quarter, market watchers are trying to digest cross signals in the luxury goods market.

  • Apple’s iPhone5 Intro: 5 Things That May Go Wrong

    September 11 2012 1:01 PM EDT

    Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is expected to debut the iPhone 5 on Wednesday but there are at least five pitfalls that could endanger the company's huge success in the market. Here they are.

  • Expensive Gifts On Teachers' Day In China Raise Question: Kindness Or Bribery?

    September 11 2012 11:18 AM EDT

    The traditional offering of thanks to a teacher is no longer good enough in Chinese schools. All too often, words are now being backed up with expensive gifts, luxury items, and money.

  • Gold Remains Firm amid Global Easing Hopes

    September 11 2012 11:05 AM EDT

    Gold prices remained firm above 1700 in European session. In recent weeks, the yellow metal has been propelled by factors in the macroeconomic environment although the fundamentals remained fragile. ECB's announcement of unlimited bond purchases have sent gold higher last week while disappointing employment data in the US has intensified speculations further regarding Fed's QE3. Meanwhile, further slowdown in china's economy has also heightened hopes that the People's Bank of China w...

  • Dehorned Rhinos At South Africa's Kruger National Park
    The Great Rhino Rescue: African Communities Band Together To Stop Horn Poaching

    September 11 2012 10:52 AM EDT

    Rhino poaching has seen a resurgence in recent years due to an increase of demand for their horns in Asian markets. But all across Africa, local community members are working tocreate sanctuaries and lessen the risk of extinction.

  • Oil prices trading either side of unchanged

    September 11 2012 10:24 AM EDT

    This week is setting up much like last week in that stimulus or quantitative easing is by far the main item of focus by both traders and investors. The US Fed FOMC meeting is Wednesday and Thursday of this week with many participants expecting the Fed to act now to try to jump start the economy and try to put some life into the faltering jobs market as both are part of their mandate. The market became slightly more convinced that the Fed would act this week after Friday's weak nonfarm payroll...

  • Morning Gold Market Report 9/11

    September 11 2012 10:19 AM EDT

    The gold market is consolidating ahead of the FOMC meeting this week, as anticipation is building that the Fed will announce a fresh round of quantitative easing, almost to the point of it being a foregone conclusion. A major investment bank is looking for the Fed to include open-ended purchase of Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities and an extension of the low interest rate policy out to 2015 in its strategy to boost economic activity.

  • Senkaku Islands dispute
    China Deploys Martime Surveillance To Island Dispute With Japan

    September 11 2012 9:00 AM EDT

    These uninhabited rocks barely merit a few unnamed spots on Google Maps between Okinawa and Taiwan, but they have become a symbol of a much larger struggle over who controls what waters -- and what mineral resources lay beneath them -- in the East China Sea.

  • The Energy Report - What Does Chicago and China Have in Common?

    September 11 2012 8:40 AM EDT

    Gas prices still are not really coming down in Chicago or in China. Already the city with the highest gas prices in the nation Chicago gas prices and some of the highest paid public school teachers. Oh never mind they are on strike. Well gas prices are going up on yet another pipeline problem this time the Magellan. That comes as word that refiners in the Gulf Coast are still battling the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. Gas will continue to be strong and will be the strong part of the sector.

  • Chinese Internet
    No Internet-Fueled Arab Spring For China's 538 Million Web Users

    September 11 2012 6:16 AM EDT

    China has more Internet users than any other country in the world has inhabitants. Is that mass of people going to push for greater freedom? Not with government controls as stringent as they are now.

  • Asian Stocks
    Asian Stocks Fall Ahead Of German Ruling, Fed Meeting

    September 11 2012 5:00 AM EDT

    Asian stock markets declined Tuesday as investors opted for caution ahead of key events including German court ruling on ESM constitutionality and the U.S. Federal Reserve policy meeting later this week.

  • Brent eases but stays above $114 ahead of Fed meeting

    September 11 2012 3:53 AM EDT

    Brent crude futures fell for the first time in four sessions on Tuesday as investors took profits, though they remained above $114 a barrel with declines limited by hopes the U.S. Federal Reserve would unveil further steps to stimulate the economy this week. Profit-taking kicked in after Brent rose nearly $2 in the past three sessions, said Ken Hasegawa, a commodity sales manager at Newedge Japan, though prices are likely to remain fairly steady ahead of a keenly awaited Fed meeting on Wednesday...