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  • Morsi and Tantawi
    Tantawi’s Sacking Does Not Mean End Of Mubarak’s Regime For Morsi Or Egypt

    August 13 2012 11:59 AM EDT

    Even stripped of his title, Hussein Tantawi and his general cronies on the Security Council of Armed Forces could still cause problems for Morsi and the Egyptian government.

  • Bedouins In Gaza
    Militants Kill Sinai Tribal Chief, Son After Tribes Extend Support To Egyptian Forces

    August 13 2012 5:18 AM EDT

    A tribal leader and his son in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula were shot dead Monday by militants, two days after Bedouin tribal chiefs extended cooperation to the Egyptian security forces to restore normalcy in the lawless border region along Gaza and Israel.

  • Egypt
    Egyptian President Morsi Orders Army Chief Tantawi To Resign

    August 12 2012 12:42 PM EDT

    In a resounding challenge to the Egyptian military's authority, President Mohammed Morsi has ordered Field Marshal Mohamad Hussein Tantawi to step down.

  • The Other Side of the Sanctions

    August 10 2012 5:05 PM EDT

    Iran has been pushed into a corner and is fighting for its life. The safest weapon in its arsenal is an economic strategy; and it is the one point where the United States is vulnerable. There is no doubt about it. Section 1245 of the National Defense Authorization Act that was signed into law by President Obama on December 31, 2011 is having the intended effect upon Iran.

  • Sinai Tunnel
    Egypt Nabs Suspects In Rafah Attack As It Seeks Bedouin Help

    August 10 2012 9:49 AM EDT

    Egypt reported on Friday that nine suspects linked to Sunday's attack in Rafah that killed 16 Egyptian border guards were arrested.

  • Wheat grains
    Another Food Crisis Looms Driven By Soaring Grains And Sugar Prices, UN Agency Warns

    August 10 2012 4:57 AM EDT

    A global hike in food prices last month due to unfavorable weather conditions, compounded by exporting nations placing restrictions and importing nations stockpiling due to concerns over the grain price rally, could lead to a food crisis along the lines of the one that happened in 2007-08, the U.N.'s food agency warned Thursday.

  • A London 2012 Olympic Games gold medal
    2012 Olympics Medal Count Of Shame Has Britain Losing The Most Of Any Country

    August 09 2012 7:21 PM EDT

    The 2012 Olympics medal count of shame is a list curated by the Wall Street Journal during the London Games which shows that though Britain has done stunningly well when it comes to bringing home gold, silver and bronze medals, its athletes have also had by far the most last, second-to-last and third-to-last performances of any nation this year.

  • Egypt Sends More Military Reinforcements Into Sinai

    August 09 2012 1:41 PM EDT

    Cairo military officials have also started sealing off tunnels which lead to Gaza.

  • Bedouins test weapons in mountainous region of central Sinai
    What Is Libya's Connection To The Sinai Clashes? Post-Revolution Security Vacuum A Threat To Egypt, Israel

    August 09 2012 5:31 AM EDT

    Egyptian military is tightening their grip over the Sinai Peninsula following an attack by militants on Egyptian security officers Sunday which killed 16 guards. The crackdown on the suspected Jihadists in the region has brought to focus the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and the tumultuous conditions in the region caused due to the fall of several Middle East governments.

  • Egypt
    Egypt's Morsi Fires Intelligence Chief And Sinai Governor Over Unchecked Militants

    August 08 2012 4:08 PM EDT

    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has dismissed the country's intelligence chief and the governor of North Sinai following a military operation to crack down on suspected Islamic militants in the region Wednesday.

  • Sinai Insecurity: How Israel and Egypt’s Military Could Benefit From Islamist Insurgencies

    August 08 2012 2:42 PM EDT

    Clashes in the Sinai Peninsula have rumors swirling in Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

  • Wheat grains
    Russia Won't Stop Feeding The World, For Now

    August 08 2012 12:04 PM EDT

    Russia's food security commission on Wednesday ruled out imposing a ban on grain exports, saying -- for now -- concerns that a serious drought will not cause one of the world's largest wheat producers to deliver a worldwide blow to the price of bread.

  • Pre-Opening Wheat Market Report

    August 08 2012 9:36 AM EDT

    September Chicago Wheat is trading 11 cents lower near 7:30 am CST. Kansas City and Minneapolis Wheat are lower as well. Outside markets were slightly negative with European Stocks and the EURO trading lower overnight after 3 days of stronger trade. The results of a German 10 year bond auction will provide some direction for traders today. US Stocks are trading slightly lower this morning and the US Dollar is stronger, adding pressure to US commodities.

  • Egypt border attack
    Egypt Launches Air Raids In Sinai Near Israel Border

    August 08 2012 6:46 AM EDT

    Egyptian military helicopters launched air raids on suspected Islamic militants in Sinai near the Israeli border on Wednesday, killing more than 20 in Touma village. The aerial attacks were in response to the gunmen attack on Egyptian border police station on Sunday which killed 16 guards.

  • More Clashes In Sinai As Egyptians Bury Dead From Raid

    August 07 2012 9:43 PM EDT

    Armed men opened fire on a security checkpoint early Wednesday in al-Arish, Egypt, on the Sinai peninsula, state media said, three days after 16 border guards were shot dead in an attack on Sunday blamed partly on Palestinian militants.

  • India Wheat Production
    Corn Drought? Who Cares? For World's Poorest, It's All About Rice And Wheat

    August 07 2012 6:24 AM EDT

    The effects of the drought that has pummeled the U.S. corn belt will be felt for a while, but the grain most affected by it isn't one the world's hungriest depend on to survive.

  • Bedouins test weapons in mountainous region of central Sinai
    Brotherhood, Hamas Allege Israeli Involvement In Sinai Attack

    August 07 2012 4:16 AM EDT

    Even as Egyptian government sources branded the Islamist gunmen who killed 16 policemen in Sinai near the Israeli border Sunday as "infidels," President Mohamed Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood party said on its website that the attack "can be attributed to Mossad" and was an attempt to challenge Morsi's administration.

  • Why The Sinai Peninsula Matters: Militants Compromise Security Along Egypt’s Border With Israel

    August 06 2012 12:36 PM EDT

    Despite its relative isolation, Egypt's Sinai Peninsula plays a huge role in one of the overarching conflicts of the twentieth century.

  • A handshake between two business partners
    Growing Spats Between Countries Leads To Need For More Cross-Border Lawyers

    August 03 2012 11:56 PM EDT

    The number of fresh arbitration cases filed with the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes last year reached its highest level in four decades, the ICSID said in a report last week.

  • Freedom and Justice Party candidate Mohammed Morsi
    New Egyptian Cabinet Retains Many Former Ministers

    August 02 2012 5:35 PM EDT

    Egypt's newly appointed Prime Minister Hesham Qandil has announced his cabinet selections, which were represented heavily by longtime state employees and former government ministers, underwhelming expectations of extensive changes in the new government as it facilitates the country's shaky transition to democracy.