• Russian stock markets

    New Russia Sanctions Won't Change Equation: Experts

    The latest round of sanctions on Russia hits people close to Putin, but they won't make a dent in the world's sixth-largest economy.
  • Ashton And Jalili

    Will Tehran Talk? Ashton, Jalili To Discuss Iranian Nuclear Development

    The Iranian nuclear technology dance continued Tuesday as EU foreign affairs chief Ashton met with Iranian National Security Council Secretary Jalili.
  • Gold, Inflation and Currency Wars

    Gold has been a major topic of talking heads and investment advisors in recent months especially as emerging market central bank purchases begin to dwarf developed nations' reserves. The major moves in gold have come off the back of stimulus measures and recently announced plans for easing. As previously discussed, gold is historically used as a mechanism to hedge against inflation and paper value debasement. This time is no different as the recently announced Chinese stimulus, ECB bazooka, a...
  • The West cannot keep Iran away from global Crude Oil markets

    The West cannot keep Iran away from global Crude Oil markets. Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said Monday that the West can not keep Iran away from the global Crude Oil markets, Press TV reported. Iran's Oil industry is its main force against foreign sanctions and has defeated the enemies' efforts to isolate Iran in the world, said Mr. Qasemi. "The West is trying to disrupt Iran's oil sales and exports by exerting different pressures (on the country) and keep Iran away from global...
  • Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Trade

    US Gold prices finished pit trade lower on profit-taking and consolidation from the gains posted last week. A sharp drop in Crude Oil futures prices the afternoon Monday helped to fuel some selling pressure in Gold and Silver. The precious metals are pausing to refresh, and seeing some chart consolidation following last week's action that saw December Gold Friday tap a 6-month high of 1,780.20. Dec Gold last traded down 11.70 to 1,761.00 oz. Spot Gold was last quoted -11.40 at 1,759.50 oz. De...
  • Rutte

    Dutch Election Results Good News For Euro Zone, Tough Break For Geert Wilders

    The results of the Dutch election on Wednesday show that incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte and his VVD Party have won a greater plurality, but the party of far-right politician Geert Wilders has lost badly. These results cement the Netherlands' leading role in the recovery of the euro zone.
  • Pre-Opening Corn Market Report for 9/13/2012

    December corn is trading slightly lower near 7:30 am CST and there were no September corn deliveries overnight. Dalian corn traded slightly lower overnight. Corn was under pressure for most of the evening but is seeing a bit of support from the wheat market this morning following yesterday's sharp losses. All eyes are on the Federal Reserve today as they finish their 2 day meetings. Most investors feel a new round of QE will be announced to jump start the US economy. The US Dollar is trading ...
  • Asia Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Trading

    US Gold prices finished pit trade Wednesday lower, and off the 6 -month high of 1,749.50, basis the Dec futures, set in early trading. Some position squaring and profit taking was seen ahead of Thursday afternoon's FOMC meeting results. Gold and Silver Bulls remain technically strong on the charts. Dec Gold last traded -0.10 at 1,734.80 oz. Spot Gold was last quoted + 0.40 at 1,733.50 oz. Dec Comex Silver last traded -0.256 at 33.31 oz.
  • Asian Shares Slip On Caution Over Fed Action

    Asian shares eased Thursday ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve's decision later in the day, but investors remained optimistic of further stimulus action to bolster the world's largest economy.
  • Rutte

    Pro-Europe Parties Sweep Dutch Election; Extremists Routed

    Dutch voters handed pro-European parties a sweeping election victory on Wednesday, shunning the radical fringes and dispelling concerns that euro skeptics could gain sway in a core euro zone country.
  • Geert Wilders

    Dutch Parliamentary Elections: Will Far-Right Freedom Party Defy Polls Again?

    Far-right Dutch politician and leader of the ultra-conservative Freedom Party (PVV) Geert Wilders formerly established his party in parliament on a platform of Islamophobic anti-immigration, and now seeks to turn nationalist sentiment against the eurozone amid frustrations with debt-laden countries like Greece, Italy and Spain. Poll indicate his party will lose seats this election, but it has defied expectations in the past.
  • Poland's Prime Minister Tusk and European Commission President Barroso address a news conference Brussels

    José Manuel Barroso’s State of the European Union 2012 Speech (FULL-TEXT)

    José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, delivered the following State of the Union 2012 speech during a session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, on September 12, 2012
  • Trader reacts at his desk in front of the DAX board at the Frankfurt stock exchange

    European Markets Fall On Economic Concerns

    European markets fell Tuesday as investor confidence was weighed down by increasing concerns of the debt crisis affecting the euro zone.
  • An investor checks stock information with a computer at a brokerage house in Hefei

    Asian Stocks Fall Amid Euro Zone Worries

    Most of the Asian markets fell Tuesday as investors' concerns about the debt crisis affecting the euro zone were revived, undermining the optimism initially raised by the bond-buying plan announced last week by the European Central Bank.
  • Euro Struggles As Greece Fails To Secure Bailout, ECB Under Pressure

    The Euro slipped to 1.2768 as Greece's Pasok party warned that the Troika - the European Union, European Central Bank, and the International Monetary fund - rejected more than EUR 2.0B of the proposed EUR 11.5B austerity program, while Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti argued against the conditionality proposed by the ECB's new bond-purchasing program as the budget-cutting measures continue to dampen growth. At the same time, a German official filed a complaint against the ECB's non-st...
  • Venice: Massive Tourism (And Now Huge Cruise Ships) Ruining City’s Priceless Charms

    Venice attracts some 22-million visitors each year (for a city of only about 60,000 residents) and these figures keep climbing.
  • September 12th Looms Large for Germany

    The German economy is undoubtedly the powerhouse of Europe. As a result, an understanding of the developments within Germany can offer a strong indication of the path that the rest of Europe is likely to take. Until recently, Germany stood as a bastion of sound money against those Keynesian led regimes in the developed nations that favor continual currency debasement as an economic panacea. Throughout much of the past decade the German monetary bias was upheld by the Frenchman Jean Claude Triche...
  • Asia Preview Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Trading

    US Gold futures finished pit trade slightly lower Wednesday. Gold and Silver saw some profit-taking, and some chart consolidation following recent solid gains and ahead of a Key event Thursday.
  • The Energy Report - QE Blues

    Quantitative easing hopes may be driving silver and gold higher but suddenly seems lost on the oil complex. While QE fever swept some parts of the commodity complex oil decompressed as it seems that the geo-political risk was unchanged. The fact that some refineries and off shore production is coming back on line and concerns about a weakening manufacturing sector helped reverse oil's fortunes yesterday.
  • Yosemite Valley

    US Officials Sound Worldwide Alert For Yosemite Hantavirus Risk

    Of the 10,000 people thought to be at risk of contracting hantavirus pulmonary syndrome from their stays in Yosemite between June and August, some 2,500 live outside the United States.