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  • Apple's Jony Ive To Design A Single Leica M Camera For Charity

    September 18 2012 10:35 AM EDT

    After the unveiling of its new Leica M camera at the world's leading imaging fair Photokina, German optics company Leica held a special event Monday night, in which the company's owner Andreas Kaufmann revealed a very special limited-edition camera in the works. Kaufmann announced that Leica had tapped Sir Jony Ive, Apple's lead designer and the brain behind such products as the iPod, iPhone and Sunflower iMac, to build an uber-limited edition of the Leica M for charity. Onl...

  • iOS 6 Release Date Nears: Get Your iPhone Ready

    September 18 2012 1:39 AM EDT

    During the unveiling of iPhone 5 in San Francisco last week, Apple announced that the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, would be made available for all the supported devices, including iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2 Sept. 19.

  • Apple iOS 6 Release: A Complete Guide To The 200 New Features

    September 17 2012 5:41 PM EDT

    At Apple's media event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company announced the newest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod -- also known as iOS 6 -- will be released as a free update to iOS users two days prior to the launch of the iPhone 5, on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The iPhone 5 will release this Friday, Sept. 21. There are more than 200 new features coming to iOS 6. Here, we do our best to outline all of the biggest features right here for you. A...

  • Apple EarPods Review: Earbuds, We Hardly Miss Ye [UNBOXING PHOTOS + VIDEO]

    September 17 2012 11:59 AM EDT

    Since 2001, every iPod, iPhone and iPad has come with a pair of Apple's signature white earphones, "the earbuds." For three years, Apple set out to create a speaker that was comfortable, secure, and provided one of the best audio experiences around. They were three years well-spent: These EarPods are incredible, and they're far superior to any audio experience Apple has created thus far.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Sell Out Within An Hour; Handset Shipment Dates Slip To Two Weeks

    September 14 2012 8:42 AM EDT

    Just within an hour of the Apple (AAPL) iPhone 5 pre-orders going live, shipment dates for the new orders dropped to two weeks in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany and Australia, MacRumors stated.

  • iPhone 5 Release: 11 Features We Wish Apple Included At Launch [PHOTOS]

    September 13 2012 3:22 PM EDT

    The iPhone 5 has almost everything we expected - emphasis on "almost." The phone has all of the important features we predicted, including the taller and thinner build, the new 4-inch Retina Display with a 16:9 ratio for watching widescreen video, but there were many rumored features that didn't make it into the final product release, including NFC, 3D photography and the self-timing camera. Apple iPhone 5: 11 Features We Wish Were Included In The Final Release

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    Apple iPhone 5 Event: 5 Rumors That Were Proven Wrong At The Release Announcement

    September 13 2012 2:25 PM EDT

    On Wednesday Apple officially revealed the iPhone 5, laying to rest the endless release date rumors, price estimates and speculations on what features the device would include. The device was released alongside a brand new line of iPod Nano and iPod Touch products at the Yerva Center in San Francisco, where Apple’s Tim Cook and Phil Schiller took the stage.

  • Apple EarPods: 3 Major Benefits Of The New Earbuds Redesign, As Explained By Lead Designer Jony Ive [VIDEO]

    September 13 2012 10:51 AM EDT

    Apple's earbuds, those simple white earphones that have shipped with every iPod since the very first one in 2001, have grown to be as symbolic of Apple brand as the iPod itself. After a few minor variations on the same design, adding the remote and microphone features over the past 10 years, Apple finally unveiled a brand-new redesign of its earbuds at Wednesday's media event in San Francisco. But don't call them earbuds, those are yesterday's news; Apple's next-generation earphon...

  • iOS 6 GM Tethered Jailbreak On iPhone 4 And Other A4-Based Devices Using Updated Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4

    September 13 2012 6:12 AM EDT

    During Wednesday's special media event in San Francisco for the unveiling of iPhone 5, Apple also released a GM (Golden Master) seed of the OS on its developer portal. Here's how to jailbreak iOS 6 GM on A4 devices using Redsn0w 0.9.13dev4.

  • An Open Letter To Apple: I Don't Want Your Stinkin' iPhone 5, Or Anything Else. It’s Not Me, It’s You. And We’re Over.

    September 12 2012 7:52 PM EDT

    Like all bad addictions, I’ve come to realize joy and utility no longer mask the negatives of Apple's intrusion into my life. My wallet, my brain and the people around me have suffered as a result of my dealings with the Cupertino giant. So I’m calling it quits. Apple, this thing of ours? It's over.

  • The new iPod Nano
    Apple Unveils New iPod Nano: New Features Include Multitouch Widescreen Display And More [PHOTOS]

    September 12 2012 3:05 PM EDT

    he seventh-generation iPod Nano bears almost no resemblance to its iPod shuffle-sized predecessor. The 5.4 mm thick Nano boasts a large, widescreen, touchscreen display and tiny home button that are comparative to a tinier version of the iPod touch.

  • Apple iPhone 5 To Release With 8-Pin Lighting Mini Dock Connector, Not The Rumored Thunderbolt

    September 12 2012 2:50 PM EDT

    Apple has officially announced the release of its upcoming iPhone 5 at today's press event, alongside a new line of iPod Nanos and iPad Touch devices. But just as important as the iOS devices themselves are the accessories that go with them, and Apple has announced that an 8-pin Lightning dock connector will be featured with the new iPhone 5 and iPods.

  • Apple iOS 6 Release Date Comes Two Days Before iPhone 5 Launch On Wednesday, Sept. 19

    September 12 2012 2:09 PM EDT

    At Apple's media event in San Francisco on Wednesday, the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer company announced the newest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod -- also known as iOS 6 -- will launch two days prior to the intended release date for the iPhone 5, on Wednesday, Sept. 19. The iPhone 5 will release that Friday, Sept. 21. We anticipated Apple would announce the release date of iOS 6 at today's media event. Apple iOS 6 Release Date Comes Two Days Before iPhone 5 Launch On...

  • iPhone 5 Release Event: Why Apple Won't Live Stream Launch Coverage

    September 12 2012 12:52 PM EDT

    Today is the big day for Apple fans, and for all of those following the news about the iPhone 5, or, quite possibly, the "new iPhone." All eyes are on San Francisco -- and Cupertino -- as we rapidly approach the 10 a.m. PST (1 p.m. EST) starting time for Apple's product launch, which should see the unveiling of the new iPhone, a new family of iPods, an an all-new "iPad Mini," among other things. However, if you're looking for a live stream from the Yerba Buena Center for the Ar...

  • Apple iPad Mini Rumors May Be Wrong: No 'Leaked' Press Release Found Ahead Of Announcement

    September 12 2012 11:27 AM EDT

    Apple is scheduled to make some big announcements today at the Yerva Center in San Francisco, with tech geeks, fans and critics anticipating an official iPhone 5 unveil. Rumors have indicated that the Cupertino, Calif.-based company will also reveal a refreshed line of iPods and an iPad Mini, but some of these speculations may not hold up to be true.

  • Apple Leaks iPhone 5 Press Release, LTE Features On Website Ahead Of Event Date

    September 12 2012 10:45 AM EDT

    New evidence discovered directly on Apple's website tells us that the name of the new iPhone, expected to be unveiled today in San Francisco, could very well in fact be "iPhone 5." Search results on Apple also included references to LTE on the iPhone, which would also appear to confirm the rumor that the iPhone 5 will support the high-speed Long-Term Evolution network.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Release Event Is Here: 5 Surprising Moments From Past Announcements

    September 12 2012 10:37 AM EDT

    Apple is predicted to unveil its iPhone 5 at a press event today, Sept. 12, after a long period of anticipation, gossip and speculation about what the next-generation device will feature. The company has a history of keeping its plans under wraps, although the Internet has been flooded with purported photos and leaks of what is expected to be the iPhone 5.

  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 Upgrade: Apple Seeds Final Developer Build Before iPhone 5 Event

    September 12 2012 9:53 AM EDT

    As expected, Apple looks like it's finally ready to release the latest version of OS X Mountain Lion at today's scheduled media event in San Francisco, which will reportedly see the debut of several iOS devices including the next-generation iPhone, a new line-up of iPods, and an all-new "iPad Mini." The company seeded the final version of the newest Mountain Lion update to developers on Tuesday evening.

  • Apple iPhone 5 Release Event Live: Where To Get Live Coverage Of The Next iPhone Announcement

    September 12 2012 6:41 AM EDT

    Just a few more hours and Apple will finally take the wraps off its sixth generation iPhone, aka "iPhone 5," at a press event in San Francisco Wednesday, Sept. 12. Here are some links to the websites where you can get the complete coverage of the Apple media event.

  • iPhone 5 Unveiling: Leaks Dub Apple's 9-Pin Dock Connector As 'Lightening'; What Are 'Earpods' And 'Loop'?

    September 12 2012 3:07 AM EDT

    At a time when everything is all set for the grand unveiling of Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) next generation iPhone, likely to be named the "iPhone 5," in San Francisco on Wednesday, a new report has surfaced online with a few more details related to the handset's features and accessories, including the new smaller 9-pin dock connector and the new version of Apple's headphones.