• Suga

    Japan Official Urges Women To Have More Children

    A Japanese official has been criticized after encouraging women to "contribute" to the country by bearing children.
  • Abortions Of Female Fetuses Creating Widening Gender Imbalance In India

    The high abortion rate of female fetuses has led to a dramatic gender imbalance in India ? over the fifty-year period from 1961 to 2011, the number of girls born per 1,000 boys plunged from 976 to 914, according to the census.
  • The Korean Men Makeup Fad: South Korea Is Largest Market For Men?s Skincare In The World

    Men and makeup aren't necessarily commonplace ideas in the United States, but according to new market research South Korea is the largest market in the world for men's skincare thanks to fad that has developed over recent years with Korean men wearing makeup.
  • What Classic Action Movies Say About The Economy

    Popular art often mirrors common ideas about current economic affairs and reflects the conventional wisdom guiding public opinion. This is particularly true of film.
  • Quantitative Counterfeiting Forever

    Last week, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the central bank would launch an unprecedented form of quantitative easing. This "new and improved" iteration of money printing will be without limit and duration. The Fed Head launched QE III ($40 billion of MBS purchases every month) on September 13th and stated that it will remain in effect until the labor market "improves substantially." He also promised that, "The Committee will continue its purchases of agency mortgage back...
  • Uncertainty Heightened as Fitch's Warns of Downgrading Japanese Firms

    European shares opened lower on Tuesday as investors concerned about the progress of the European bank union and intensified tensions between China and Japan over territory dispute. Fitch Ratings warned that it might downgrade ratings of Japan's auto and tech companies if tensions prolonged. This is expected to affect the outlook of the world's third largest economy which heavily depends of exports of auto and technological products. In the commodity sector, crude oil prices eased a tad wi...
  • London Session: Trepidation comes back to the markets

    Risk is once again off today as the dollar continues to find buying interest. This is the third day in a row that the dollar has risen -so is this a trend and has the QE3/ Draghi OMT boost to the markets already lost steam? We are unsure at this stage, although we believe that dollar gains will be limited by the prospect of more QE from the Fed (especially if the labour market doesn't start to pick up). However, the success, or not, of the ECB's OMT programme all depends on Spain requestin...
  • The Phil Flynn Energy Report

    What do you get when you cross and options expiration Rosh Hashanah? The answer is a $3 dollar price drop in oil market in one minute. While oil's big surprise move was made on light holiday volume and during the last hour of options expiration just looking at the charts it is possible that the move could be what could be a technical game changer. Is it possible that the fundamentals for oil might be turning bearish?
  • USD/JPY Bounces Just Bellow 79

    On Monday Dollar/Yen increased with 75 pips. The currency couple appreciated from 78.16 to 78.93 yesterday, matching the positive money flow sentiment at above 15%, closing the day at 78.69. This morning the Dollar is trading quietly against the Yen, and within yesterday's range for now. On the 1 hour chart range trading is forming, while on the 3 hour chart the downward channel is on hold. Break above yesterday's top and nearest resistance 78.93 would encourage further recovery of the ...
  • Investors Turn Cautious as Uncertainties Remain in the Eurozone

    Crude oil prices slumped on Monday on profit-taking. The surprising decline of almost US$5 in just a few minutes on very high volume triggered the CFTC to investigate the case with the CME. The front-month contract for WTI crude oil slipped to as low as 94.65 before ending the day at 96.62, down -2.40%, while the equivalent Brent crude contract plunged to a 6-week low of 111.5 before settling at 113.79, down -2.66%. Gold also faced profit-taking and USD's recovery, sending the Comex benchmark...
  • Woman walks past stock quotation board outside brokerage in Tokyo

    Asian Markets Drop Amid China-Japan Dispute

    Most of the Asian markets dropped Tuesday as investor confidence was weighed down by the intensifying tensions between China and Japan and the increasing concerns over the euro zone debt crisis.
  • Asian Shares Slip After Fed-Inspired Rally

    Asian shares retreated from four-month highs Tuesday as markets paused from last week's rallies, calculating the impact on growth from the Federal Reserve's aggressive stimulus and eyeing whether Spain will request a bailout to ease its fiscal strains.
  • Investors look at an electronic board

    People Take To The Streets As Protests Rage Across The Globe

    Photos from demonstrations around the world Friday through Monday, including Occupy Wall Street in New York, marches against austerity in Europe, anti-Japan demonstrations in China, and street action in the Muslim world.
  • Colby

    Rangers Agree to One-year Extension With Colby Lewis

    The starter will remain with Texas despite having season-ending elbow surgery.
  • Panetta's Visit To Asia Unlikely To Assuage Sino-Japanese Nationalist Anger

    Tangible results to alleviating China's rising temper against Japan seem nowhere to be found. U.S. officials are urging for calm and peace, but the reality on the streets is that Chinese anger and frustrations are dealing increasing damage and violence to businesses carrying Japanese branded products. Meanwhile, a massive Chinese fishing fleet is soon expected to arrive in the waters off the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, worsening the prospects of a swift resolution.
  • Facebook Rival GREE Acquires Mobile Developer App Ant Studios To Capture US Mobile Market

    GREE (TYO:3632), Japan's $4.7 billion online media giant and regional rival to U.S.-based internet companies like Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) and Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA) stepped further into America soil on Monday with another developer acquisition, this time of California-based mobile game developer App Ant Studios.
  • Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands

    Senkaku Islands Dispute May Hurt Japan?s Recovering Tourism Industry

    When China and the Philippines sparred over the disputed Scarborough Shoal (known as Huangyan Island in China) this past May, the People?s Republic canceled all outbound travel to the Philippines, dealing a direct blow to an industry vital to the nation?s economy. Substitute Japan for the Philippines and Senkaku Islands (known as Diaoyu Islands in China) for Scarborough Shoal, and you?ve got the same thing happening this September.
  • Freemium Rush: Free-To-Play Gaming Now Makes Up More Than Half Of European Market, But Packaged Video Games Still Drive Eurozone Revenue [REPORT]

    Freemium video games like "FarmVille 2" and "Angry Birds," the cheap and easily accessible counterpart to premium boxed copies of "Skyrim" or "Call of Duty" that run players upwards of $50 or $60 a sale, now make up more than half of the total market for video games in Europe, a new study shows.
  • Starbucks Brings Beer, Wine to 3 More Cities

    Starbucks Japan Gets On The Pop-Up Cafe Bandwagon

    The world's largest coffee chain has opened a tiny pop-up cafe in a fashionable Tokyo district with an odd ordering process.
  • Trade Setups in AUDUSD and USDJPY

    Early week focus is on the AUDUSD and USDJPY as per event risk in Japan (rate decision tomorrow) and Australia (RBA minutes tonight). The USDJPY drop lower last week probably completed a terminal thrust from a triangle. It's taken just 2 days for the USDJPY to return to the early September high (7903). The target is 8061 (top of triangle). Support is now 7865 and a bullish bias is warranted against last night's low of 7816. Several days of congestion are probably underway in the AUDUSD aft...