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  • Bangkok Protest
    Protests Over Anti-Islamic Movie Spreading In Asia; Indonesia Sees Violence

    September 18 2012 7:37 AM EDT

    Protests in Indonesia over an alleged anti-Muslim movie made in the U.S. continued for the second day Tuesday, a day after demonstrations outside the U.S. Embassy turned violent, even as Google censored the video in the world's largest Muslim-majority nation to comply with the local law.

  • GE And ING Seek To Flee A Recovering Thailand

    September 17 2012 12:49 PM EDT

    General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) and ING Groep NV (NYSE: ING) may sell their stakes in two Thailand banks, but their message to Asia's 11th largest economy could very well be, "It's not you, it's us."

  • Apple iPhone 5 Cases: 13 Brilliant Designs That Highlight (And Protect) The Phone's New Features [PICTURES]

    September 16 2012 12:53 PM EDT

    Unlike past iPhone launches, where customers could possibly get away with using their old iPhone case on the new model, Apple has endowed the iPhone 5 with a brand-new form factor with a taller and thinner build, a larger 4-inch screen, and several migrated components like the earphone jack and speaker grills. This means that everyone buying the new iPhone 5 will be in the market for new cases to both protect and brand their new purchase. We've scoured the Internet for the coolest iPhone 5 ca...

  • Global Auto Industry Outlook: Auto Sales To Grow 6% In 2012

    September 14 2012 12:40 PM EDT

    Auto demand in global markets will continue its upward trend in 2012 and 2013 despite regional disparities. Nomura analysts forecast double-digit growth in the U.S. and Southeast Asia, but expect European demand to shrink 7 percent.

  • Dengue Vaccine Falters At Trial -- Knocks Out Only 3 Out Of 4 Viruses

    September 11 2012 5:49 PM EDT

    Because dengue is caused by one of four kinds of closely related viruses, it's been especially difficult to develop a single vaccine versatile enough to protect against it. Now, an international team of researchers says they've made a breakthrough, but the vaccine has turned out much less potent than observers had hoped.

  • Margareth Thatcher
    Hard Left’s Undying Hatred For Thatcher: Union Selling Shirts Celebrating Iron Lady’s ‘Death’

    September 11 2012 2:43 PM EDT

    Thatcher earned the unending enmity of British trade unions and the far left during the 1980s when her government implemented harsh laws against strikes and tried to drastically reduce the power of unions.

  • A Red Ribbon
    Closer Look At HIV Vaccine Trial Yields New Ways To Attack Virus

    September 10 2012 4:16 PM EDT

    A new paper taking a closer look at the people who volunteered for a previous HIV vaccine trial in Thailand has identified precise targets on the virus that could form the base of a more effective vaccine.

  • Asian Currency Preview, Baht, SGD, RMB, Peso, Ringgit

    September 10 2012 11:08 AM EDT

    China has introduced reforms to increase the use of its yuan in global trade and investment, Beijing has imposed stringent restrictions and the process of buying its government debt is viewed as extremely complicated.

  • Karaoke Killings: A Bizarre Phenomenon In East Asia

    September 10 2012 8:44 AM EDT

    Confrontations in karaoke parlors have culminated in murderous violence in parts of Asia.

  • Women In Asia Largely Ignorant, Fatalistic, About Fertility

    September 05 2012 10:39 AM EDT

    Only 30 percent of Asian women surveyed, all aged 25-40, recognized that obesity could reduce fertility and only 36 percent knew that chances of getting pregnant declined with age.

  • Miss World 2012: How Miss China, Host City Ordos Court Controversy With Fame; Top 4 Miss World Controversies

    September 02 2012 4:18 AM EDT

    Ever since Miss China Wenxia Yu was crowned Miss World Aug.18, she has come under flak for jury favoritism. Even the host city Ordos is not spared as reports of economic woes and subtle attempts to refurbish its image surface amid its ongoing attempts to win international recognition.

  • Pre-Opening Wheat Market Report

    August 30 2012 10:31 AM EDT

    December Chicago wheat is trading 2 cents lower near 7:30 am CST. Kansas City and Minneapolis wheat are trading slightly weaker as well. The November Matif Milling wheat contract is trading 1.25 Euros higher. The wheat market trimmed some of yesterday's gains overnight but was well supported despite the setback in the soybean complex. The US Dollar is trading slightly lower and US Stocks are set to open lower on the day. The Euro traded higher overnight which pressured the US Dollar but Europ...

  • Pre-Opening Corn Market Report for 8/30/2012

    August 30 2012 10:30 AM EDT

    December corn is trading 1 cent higher near 7:30 am CST. The corn market traded steady to slightly lower overnight following yesterday's gains. Dalian corn traded higher overnight. The US Dollar is trading slightly lower and US Stocks are set to open lower on the day. The Euro traded higher overnight which pressured the US Dollar but European shares followed Asian market lower which is sending a negative tone through the outside markets this morning.

  • Alarming Levels Of Drug-Resistant TB Found Worldwide

    August 30 2012 9:56 AM EDT

    In a large international study published in the Lancet medical journal on Thursday, researchers found rates of both multi drug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB) were higher than previously thought and were threatening global efforts to curb the spread of the disease.

  • Vienna, Austria
    These Countries Get The Most Vacation Days (Hint: America Isn’t On The List)

    August 28 2012 9:57 AM EDT

    Do you look at a vacation as a guilty pleasure or a basic human right? The way you answer that question says a lot more about the country you come from than you may realize.

  • Global Car Companies Hunt Big Game In Africa's Growing Automotive Market

    August 25 2012 2:07 PM EDT

    Global automakers from Renault SA (Paris: RNO) to Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) to Chinese companies like Geely Automotive are all racing to get a piece of the long-term potential promised by Africa's burgeoning automotive market. The continent's economy is on the rise, and despite very real improvements in the quality of life and standards of living in many African countries, risks for multinational manufacturers remain.

  • AIDS-Like Disease In SE Asia Is Not Spread By Virus: Study

    August 24 2012 4:04 PM EDT

    The disease dubbed "Adult-Onset Immunodeficiency" by researchers is not caused by a virus, meaning it is not contagious.

  • Gold
    Gold Near 3-1/2 Month High on ECB Hopes

    August 22 2012 1:50 AM EDT

    Gold on Wednesday hovered near a 3-1/2 month high hit in the previous session, as investors remained hopeful the European Central Bank would soon take action to contain the region's debt crisis.

  • Newsstand in Myanmar
    Press Censorship Is Finally Abolished In Myanmar -- Except When It's Not

    August 21 2012 5:19 PM EDT

    Myanmar's Information Ministry, which has long sought to control information, told newspaper editors that their articles 'no longer need to pass the censorship board.' The announcement is being met with enthusiasm and caution.

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Ex-Wife Surprised by Affair Admission
    Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Ex-Wife Surprised by Affair Admission

    August 16 2012 4:11 PM EDT

    Just days after Jean-Claude Van Damme revealed in an interview with the Guardian that he had an affair with Kylie Minogue back in 1994 while filming "Street Fighter," his ex-wife, Darcy LaPier, has come forward to say that she is shocked by the news.